November 2023 edition of TWS newsletter “The Italian American Trade Magazine” is out!

The November 2023 edition of The Italian American Trade Magazine showcases the remarkable achievements and contributions of Italian Americans in various domains. From cultural events and political leadership to artistic expression and literary works, this edition highlights the vibrancy and success of the Italian American community. It serves as a testament to the rich heritage and ongoing accomplishments of Italian Americans, inspiring readers and fostering a sense of pride and unity within the community.

The November 2023 edition of The Italian American Trade Magazine showcases the accomplishments and contributions of Italian Americans across various fields. From cultural celebrations and political achievements to artistic endeavors and literary works, this edition encapsulates the essence of the Italian American community's rich heritage and ongoing success. Let's delve into the contents of this exciting edition.

  1. Andrea Pietrini Assumes Presidency of OSDIA "Capitolo di Roma" Lodge: In an important development, Andrea Pietrini has been appointed as the new President of the OSDIA "Capitolo di Roma" Lodge. This appointment highlights Pietrini's dedication to promoting Italian American heritage and fostering community engagement.
  2. Columbus Day Parade in New York City Unites Italian Americans: The Columbus Day Parade in New York City serves as a significant cultural event, bringing together Italian Americans from all walks of life. The parade celebrates the contributions and achievements of Italian Americans while fostering a sense of unity and pride within the community.
  3. NIAF Gala Features Surprise Presidential Appearance: The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) Gala, a prestigious event honoring Italic excellence, witnessed a momentous surprise as a prominent presidential figure made a memorable appearance. The presence of this esteemed individual further highlights the recognition and support Italian Americans receive on a national scale.
  4. Pietro Viola Revolutionizes Communication through Artistic Illustration: Cartoonist Pietro Viola is making waves by revolutionizing communication through his artistic illustrations. Viola's unique approach to storytelling and visual communication captivates audiences, making him a prominent figure in the world of art and creativity.
  5. An Evening of Fine Italian Wines at 727 West Madison in Chicago: Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs gathered at 727 West Madison in Chicago to indulge in an evening of exquisite Italian wines. This event showcased the richness and diversity of Italian winemaking traditions, offering attendees a memorable experience.
  6. Eni Celebrates 70 Years of History: Italian energy giant Eni commemorates its 70th anniversary, reflecting on its journey and contributions to the energy sector. Eni's achievements and commitment to innovation have positioned Italy as a leader in the global energy landscape.
  7. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NIAF Strengthen Ties with Italian Americans: The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has partnered with the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) to strengthen ties between Italy and Italian Americans. This collaboration aims to foster a deeper connection between the two communities and promote cultural exchange and cooperation.
  8. Italy's Integrated Promotion Strategy at the "Sistema Italia" Meeting: Italy's Integrated Promotion Strategy took center stage at the "Sistema Italia" Meeting, emphasizing the country's commitment to promoting its culture, products, and investment opportunities on a global scale. This strategic approach aims to enhance Italy's international presence and reputation.
  9. Almerindo Portfolio: From Italian Immigrant to Successful Financier and Politician: The inspiring story of Almerindo Portfolio unfolds in this edition, showcasing his journey from being an Italian immigrant to becoming a successful financier and politician. Portfolio's story exemplifies the determination and resilience of Italian Americans in pursuit of their dreams.
  10. "My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food" by Lidia Bastianich: Renowned chef and TV personality Lidia Bastianich shares her incredible journey and experiences in her book, "My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food." Through her captivating storytelling, Bastianich offers readers a glimpse into her Italian American heritage and the role food plays in preserving cultural traditions.
  11. "Wordshine Man: Tips for Polishing Words Until They Sparkle" by Tom Madden: Author Tom Madden presents his book, "Wordshine Man," which provides valuable insights and tips for enhancing communication through effective writing. Madden's expertise in polishing words offers readers a guide to crafting impactful and engaging content.
  12. "The Startupper Mindset" by Carmelo Cutuli: TWS President Carmelo Cutuli's book, "The Startupper Mindset," offers invaluable advice and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs. Cutuli's work inspires and empowers individuals to pursue their passions and turn innovative ideas into successful ventures.

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