Expanding to the US, a Strategic Move for 45K Italian Companies Ready to Grow Abroad

In his role as President of Confassociazioni USA, the president of the Italian American Friendship Association The Watson Society, Carmelo Cutuli spoke at the Business Talk "How to Be Competitive to Do Business in the United States", organized by MTW GROUP in collaboration with the UK and US branches of Confassociazioni.

"As recently emphasized by the President of Unioncamere," declared President Cutuli during his speech, "it is clear that Italian exports continue to support our economy, despite not recording an increase in the number of SMEs operating in foreign markets. According to the most recent estimates by Unioncamere, there are at least 45,000 SMEs that only export sporadically, despite having the potential to do so continuously. We believe that these companies should seriously consider the United States as a destination for their exports. With over 330 million inhabitants and a very high GDP per capita, the United States represents a key trade partner for our Made in Italy products. The American economy, dynamic and highly business-friendly, offers significant opportunities for Italian companies ready to export."

"Furthermore," he concludes, "the Italian cultural presence in the United States is solid and well-established, acting as a platform for promoting our products, which are highly appreciated and in demand in the American market. We therefore encourage Italian SMEs to take advantage of these opportunities by expanding their presence in foreign markets, thus helping to consolidate Italy's position as a global export leader."

The meeting offered an in-depth overview of the US market and provided entrepreneurs with the necessary information to compete and succeed in the United States, representing an excellent opportunity to get up to date for all those who have always seen this nation as a market full of opportunities and want to expand their business activities there.

The event was attended by: Stefano Potortì, president of UK Confederation by Confassociazioni; Antonio Acunzo, CEO of MTW GROUP; Massimiliano D'Aurelio, President of ITALYUS by MTW GROUP, who shared their knowledge and experiences on the best strategies for tackling the American market and increasing the chances of success.

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