October 2023 edition of TWS newsletter “The Italian American Trade Magazine” is out!

The October 2023 edition of The Italian American Trade Magazine offers a diverse range of topics, from ambassadorial appointments and cultural events to business insights and personal development. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Italian American community's achievements and contributions, making it a must-read for anyone interested in Italian American culture, business, and heritage.

The Italian American Trade Magazine has released its October 2023 issue, packed with exciting news and insightful articles. The issue covers a range of topics, from the arrival of the new US Ambassador to Italy, Jack Markell, to the upcoming NIAF Gala that will honor the Emilia Romagna Region. Let's dive into the contents of this fascinating magazine.

The magazine kicks off with the news of the arrival of the new US Ambassador, Jack Markell, to Italy. As the representative of the United States, Ambassador Markell's role is crucial in strengthening bilateral trade and cultural ties between the two countries. His appointment marks an important milestone in the relationship between Italy and the United States. Next, the magazine highlights the NIAF Gala scheduled for October 14th. This prestigious event will honor the Emilia Romagna Region, recognizing its contributions to Italian American culture and heritage. The gala serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the Italian American community. In other news, the magazine introduces Michael G. Polo as the new National President of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America. This organization plays a vital role in preserving Italian American heritage and promoting cultural exchange. With Polo at the helm, the Order is poised to continue its important work of fostering unity and pride among Italian Americans. The magazine also covers a special event where TWS president Carmelo Cutuli receives a plaque of Saint Mother Cabrini from Sister Azevedo Da Silva. This recognition highlights Cutuli's dedication to philanthropy and his significant contributions to the community.

One of the featured articles in the magazine is about Andrea Pietrini, who drives growth through fractional executive's expertise. Pietrini's innovative approach to business leadership has helped numerous companies achieve success. The article provides insights into his strategies and showcases his contributions to the Italian American business landscape.

Chicago takes center stage in another article, with an invitation to an evening of fine Italian wines at the Sinclair. This event promises to be a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts, offering the opportunity to savor exquisite Italian wines in a refined setting. The magazine also explores the expansion of Italian companies to the US market. With 45,000 Italian businesses ready to grow abroad, this strategic move holds great potential for both the companies and the US economy. The article delves into the reasons behind this expansion and the benefits it brings to both nations.

Another captivating article focuses on Italy's global leadership in machinery exports. The country's machinery industry has the potential to unlock 16 billion euros of economic growth. The article explores the factors contributing to Italy's success in this sector and highlights the opportunities it presents for businesses. Paolo Internicola, an Italian entrepreneur, is featured in the magazine for launching Pasta Noodles in the USA. This article sheds light on his journey, challenges, and achievements in introducing authentic Italian pasta to the American market.

The magazine takes a moment to pay tribute to Lee Iacocca, the Italian American manager who breathed new life into failed companies. Iacocca's remarkable career and contributions to the business world serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

Moving on, the magazine tackles the issue of insularity, examining the condition and costs associated with it. Prof. Gaetano Armao new book provide insights into the challenges faced by insular communities and explore potential solutions to promote growth and development. Dr. Mary Kovach's last book encourages readers to be their best selves. Drawing on her expertise as a marketing professor, Dr. Kovach offers practical advice and strategies for personal growth and self-improvement. The magazine wraps up with a feature on “Successful Italian American business people” by Carmelo Cutuli. This book highlights Cutuli's achievements and contributions to the business world, serving as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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