VP of the Petrosino Sicily Association meets the OSDIA delegation visiting Palermo

Prof. Pietro Luigi Matta, professor of administrative law at the University of Palermo and vice president of the Joe Petrosino Sicily Association, had the pleasure of meeting the delegation of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of America (OSDIA) on the occasion of their official visit to Palermo.

During the meeting, the activities carried out by the Joe Petrosino Association in Sicily and the importance of the links between the Petrosino branch in New York and the Italian branches in Sicily and Padula were discussed. President Bob Fonti and Vice President Jerry Damato, in particular, were praised for their commitment to maintaining strong ties between Italian-American and Italian communities.

The Joe Petrosino Sicily Association, with its president Avv. Giuseppe Lo Giudice, secretary Dr. Caterina Di Chiara, and all its members, is dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of the legendary Italian- American police officer Joe Petrosino, known for his fight against organized crime. Through cultural, educational, and social initiatives, the association aims to promote the values of legality, justice, and community service that Petrosino embodied. The meeting between the Joe Petrosino Sicily Association and the OSDIA delegation represents an important step forward in strengthening the ties between Italian-American and Italian communities. Both organizations are committed to preserving the Italian cultural heritage and promoting exchanges between the two sides of the Atlantic.

Prof. Matta, Vice President of the Petrosino Association, stated: "We are honored to have met the OSDIA delegation and to have had the opportunity to share our common activities and goals. This meeting further strengthens the ties between our communities and allows us to work together to preserve and celebrate our Italian heritage. We are now looking forward to the next Columbus Day, an occasion in which our association traditionally participates in the New York parade and which, in the past edition, had already seen us alongside the OSDIA delegation of the State of NY."

The strengthening of relations between the Joe Petrosino Sicily Association and the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of America finds a further reason for consolidation in the history that binds Petrosino and the founder of OSDIA. As reported in the biography "Vincenzo Sellaro and the Sons of Italy in America" by Carmelo Cutuli, Petrosino and Sellaro had formed a deep bond of friendship. In a period when the Italian-American community was oppressed by the Black Hand, Sellaro worked to raise funds from Italian mutual aid societies in America to support emigrants who had lost everything due to this terrible criminal phenomenon.

Thanks to the commitment of Petrosino and his team of Italian police officers, the Black Hand was effectively eradicated, restoring security and dignity to the Italian-American community. This common historical legacy further strengthens the bond between the two organizations, united in the goal of preserving the memory of heroic figures such as Petrosino and Sellaro and promoting the values of justice, solidarity, and civic commitment that they embodied.

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