The Italy-USA Relations: From Diplomacy to Commerce. 
Enduring ties between Italy and USA

The Watson Society is proud to announce the release of its latest publication, "The Italy-USA Relations: From Diplomacy to Commerce: enduring ties between Italy and USA," a detailed exploration of the deep-rooted relationship between Italy and the United States. The book, with a foreword by TWS President Carmelo Cutuli, is a testament to the enduring bonds of friendship, strategic partnership, and shared values that have tied the two nations together for centuries.

TWS President Cutuli, whose rich background in serving on the boards of Italian American organizations from Associations to Chambers of Commerce and authoring of books about prominent Italian Americans, brings his wealth of experience and insight to the foreword of this seminal work.

"As someone who has dedicated a significant part of his career to fostering Italian- American relations, I am thrilled to see the history and strength of these ties captured so eloquently in 'The Italy-USA Relations’.

The book is not just a recounting of historical events; it is a snapshot that weaves the fabric of two nations that have been instrumental in each other's development, literally from Columbus to present days. It is my hope that readers will gain a newfound appreciation for the multifaceted relationship that has evolved from shared struggles and triumphs." Spanning from nearly three centuries to the present day, the book chronicles the pivotal moments and influential figures that have forged a strong alliance between Italy and the United States. It delves into the political, economic, and cultural exchanges that have solidified the partnership, offering readers an in-depth look at the intricate web of connections that have made Italy one of America's closest allies.

The book's timely release comes as Italy and the United States continue to collaborate on a range of critical issues, including defense, counterterrorism, trade, and scientific innovation. It highlights the strategic importance of Italy in American foreign policy and vice versa.

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