September 2023 edition of TWS newsletter “The Italian American Trade Magazine” is out!

The September 2023 issue of The Italian American Trade provides a rich and informative reading experience, covering a wide range of topics that cater to the interests of Italian Americans and those interested in Italian culture, business, and literature.

Here's a summary of the key articles featured in this issue:

  • "The largest Italian American organizations join forces in the IALF" highlights the collaborative efforts of prominent Italian American organizations, emphasizing the strength that comes from unity. 
  • "Italian Parlamentarian Di Sanzo calls for increased resources for Italian publishing abroad" focuses on the advocacy work of Italian Parlamentarian Di Sanzo, who emphasizes the need for additional resources to support Italian publishing globally. 
  • "Historic participation of the Italian delegation at the OSDIA Convention" celebrates the significant presence of the Italian delegation at the OSDIA Convention, fostering stronger ties within the Italian American community. 
  • “NIAF Granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations" recognizes the achievement of the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) in obtaining special consultative status with the United Nations, highlighting their influential role in promoting Italian American interests internationally. 
  • "THE KEY SECTORS OF ITALY-USA TRADE RELATIONS" provides valuable insights into the strategic sectors driving trade between Italy and the United States, offering readers a comprehensive overview of potential business opportunities. 
  • "The Sicily-USA Friendship Day, an occasion to remember the founder of Sons of Italy, Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro" commemorates the annual event that pays tribute to Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro, the founder of Sons of Italy, showcasing the importance of preserving Italian American cultural heritage. The Strategic Relations Between Italy and the United States" explores the historical and current state of diplomatic and political ties between Italy and the United States, offering readers a deeper understanding of the bond between these two nations. 
  • "NAVIGATING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN ITALY" provides practical guidance for individuals seeking to establish or expand their business ventures in Italy, offering insights into the Italian business landscape. 
  • “Italian Export Shows Resilience in the Face of International Challenges" highlights the strength and adaptability of Italian exports in maintaining their competitiveness despite global challenges. 

In addition to the articles, the magazine features the review of three books: "The Self-Esteem Regime" by Clarissa Burt, which offers guidance on improving self-esteem and personal growth; "Don't Cut the Basil: 5 Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes" by Cugine in Cucina, a collection of authentic Italian recipes; and "The Italian American Journey" by Carmelo Cutuli, which provides a comprehensive account of the history, struggles, and achievements of Italian Americans.


Il Centro Studi sull'Internazionalizzazione si dedica a promuovere la consapevolezza sull'importanza dell'Internazionalizzazione a livello nazionale e regionale.

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