Italy-USA professional relations: Confassociazioni USA Presented at Italian Parliament

Confassociazioni, the organization that promotes and supports professional associations in Italy and around the world, has announced the opening of a branch in the United States. This addition joins the already active foreign delegations in the United Kingdom, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. The press conference for the presentation of Confassociazioni USA was held at the Chamber of Deputies, offering an important opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to the internationalization of Italian professional associations and the relationship between Italy and the United States.

The meeting was moderated by Cristina Del Tutto, the director of Radio Parlamentare, and featured speeches from Stefano Potortì, Delegate Councillor for International Coordination and President of Confassociazioni UK, Hon. Christian Di Sanzo, elected deputy in the North American constituency, and Gianni Lattanzio, President of Confassociazioni International.

Carmelo Cutuli, President of The Watson Society, who assumed the Presidency of Confassociazioni USA, presented the activities, mission, and objectives of the new delegation. "Confassociazioni USA is committed to playing an active role in supporting relations between Italy and the United States, promoting joint initiatives, collaborations, and exchanges between their respective professional communities," said President Cutuli. "We already have delegates in Texas, Arizona, Illinois, and Washington DC. We are receiving numerous availabilities in other states and are engaging in conversations with major organizations representing the Italian-American community, which today counts over 26 million American citizens of Italian descent."

Following this, Salvo Bonanno, international marketing expert and Vice President of Confassociazioni USA, spoke from Chicago, and Clarissa Burt, delegate for Arizona, spoke from Phoenix.

Angelo Deiana, President of Confassociazioni, concluded the conference by underlining the importance of the initiative and confirming the organization's commitment to continuing the internationalization of its activities. This year marks the tenth anniversary of its foundation. "This initiative confirms Confassociazioni's commitment to supporting associated professional associations and promoting Italian relations abroad, in this case, in the United States, promoting cooperation and strengthening exchanges between the professional communities of the two countries."


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