At The Watson Society, we are committed to enriching the cultural relations between Italy and the United States. By bringing together people, ideas, and resources, we strive to create a dynamic and inclusive platform for dialogue and growth.

The Watson Society carries out a variety of activities to promote and celebrate Italian-American heritage, including:

  • Cultural Events:  We organize seminars, conferences, and cultural exchanges both in Italy and the United States to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Italian-American experience. 
  • Research: We conduct and support research into the history and contributions of Italians in America, exploring the vibrant tapestry of their stories. 
  • Advocacy: We advocate for the rights and interests of the Italian-American community in both Italy and the United States. Education: We provide educational resources and opportunities to learn about the rich Italian-American history and culture. 
  • Community Support: We offer support and resources to the Italian-American community and to Italians who wish to establish connections with the United States. 

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