Synergies between Made in Italy excellence and the U.S.

Sabrina Zuccalà, president of the international nanotechnology laboratory '4ward360,' at the recent gala dinner of the National Italian American Foundation hypothesized during the meeting about new synergies, intensifying opportunities for cultural and scientific cooperation and raising the importance of political strengthening between the Western powers.

"Proposing the results of Italian research in nanotechnological innovation in the U.S.," Zuccalà said, "to create synergies in the aerospace field is one of our most important goals. A vision that includes commercial and scientific cooperation with major U.S. institutions, pursuing the goals of sustainability and the United Nations 2030 Agenda. We need to structure and strengthen synergies between our countries to consolidate the Western geopolitical strategy in Defense, intelligence and aerospace research. From this premise comes cooperation in the field of nanotechnology as well. Thus, the realization in the aerospace field of faster, safer and more functional aircraft is the ultimate goal of this branch of research, and it passes through the use of solutions that are as small as they are endowed with great potential. Our laboratory has become a virtuous model in the research, analysis, processing and administration of nanotechnological formulations, and is very active in the protection and preservation of material surfaces for Defense. The Italian innovation of nano-material formulations for aerospace have also attracted the attention of the scientific, political and business community in the United States of America, which is working on the development of new economic opportunities arising from space."

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