Luiss University sets its sights on the United States with a project on education and the industrial world

Luiss Guido Carli crossed the Atlantic with the aim of "strengthening that virtual bridge existing between Italy and the United States that is supported on skills, relationships and new business opportunities, but also strategic assets of what is defined as a new economic diplomacy of education."

An important appointment, a meeting that took place in the States, in Washington D.C. and was accompanied by two fundamental moments such as the launch of the Luiss US Foundation and the International Master's Degree 'Trans-Atlantic Business Executive' (TABE) which will have the task of creating a new class of managers and professionals within the framework of an international partnership of the highest caliber and which includes academic institutions and industrial associations, not only from the United States and Italy, but also from France, Germany, Great Britain and Canada.

The Luiss US Foundation will serve as an operational hub for fundraising and seeking new stakeholders across America. And starting from these assumptions, it will be possible to develop deep cooperation with universities, but also companies and organizations in the stars and stripes to transform itself in this way into a point of reference for the large Italo-American community in the States, which exceeds 18 million components.

To center its mission, the Foundation will also rely on the indispensable contribution of the Alumni community of the Roman Athenaeum, which counts more than 54,000 professionals scattered across five continents. The trip to the United States at the end of October was also an opportunity to inaugurate the third office in the U.S. territory: after New York and California, Washington D.C. will also be added at the head of which will be Giuliana Cané, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Several activities will be scheduled by Luiss, which has devoted time to this project and from which it expects great results.

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