Italian "cashmere king" Brunello Cucinelli launches his "Castello di Solomeo" wine

Brunello Cucinelli also produces wine "in the vineyard of the beloved Umbrian village of Solomeo." With the bottles wrapped in paper bearing, in Italian and English, phrases from Marcus Aurelius, Homer and Socrates.

The first wine, vintage 2018, was presented at the Institute of the Blind in Milan at a "friendly dinner" hosted by Cucinelli. The convivial meeting was attended by family members and "lifelong friends" in addition to the wine. The wine bears the name "Castello di Solomeo," Brunello Cucinelli's "amiable adviser" was internationally renowned oenologist Riccardo Cotarella. Planted in 2011, the vineyard covers an area of 5 hectares in which three different types of alluvial clay-sandy, alluvial clay-loamy and marly arenaceous soils alternate, each carefully matched to a specific grape variety grown. It is capable of producing about nine thousand bottles per year.

The grapes chosen for "Castello di Solomeo" are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, from which the prestigious Bordeaux blend is made, to which the Sangiovese grape variety is added "as a tribute to the culture and winemaking tradition of central Italy."

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