Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Italian Americans: 'We will strengthen relations with the United States'

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni sent a video message to Italian Americans at the annual gala dinner of the National Foundation of Italian Americans. “I feel the great honor and responsibility of being the first woman to lead Italy," Meloni declared, "In my task I will follow in the footsteps of the many great Italian women who paved the way for me and for generations to come.

Italy, whose ancient roots and unique beauty are recognized all over the world," Meloni stressed, "is the result of the ingenuity of its people, here and abroad. Italy, a member country of the G7, also boasts an incredible array of small and medium-sized enterprises, internationally recognized scientific and academic institutions and a constantly growing innovation hub. Only by working together can we succeed in addressing the many challenges that lie ahead."

The Italians who have crossed the Atlantic over the past two centuries," he continued, "have contributed greatly to the development, prosperity and strength of the United States, as President Biden recognized in his Columbus Day proclamation. They have worked every day to build a bridge between America and Italy: made of common values - freedom, equality and democracy - an unwavering alliance, a strategic partnership and a true and deep friendship. You are great ambassadors of our country. We count on your friendship and knowledge to help us foster closer ties in the years to come."

Giorgia Meloni concluded the message sent to Niaf with these words, "Thank you! For preserving your Italian heritage and carrying it with you with so much pride! I assure you that this government will do its best to make relations with the United States even stronger. Long live America, long live Italy!”

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