Clarissa Burt interviews Giusy Versace on In the Limelight Magazine

The latest edition of In the Limelight, Clarissa Burt's quarterly Magazine, is now out on the web. In the Limelight Media is a multimedia platform consisting of videos, podcasts and a digital magazine dedicated to educational, inspiring and entertaining topics. Periodically In the Limelight features personalities from the worlds of business, entertainment and the arts. Videos and podcasts can be enjoyed on major streaming platforms.

The cover of the current issue is dedicated to Giusy Versace, Paralympic athlete, TV presenter and Italian politician.

During the interview, Giusy Versace recounts the difficulties she has gone through in recent years: "Life is not easy for women in the first place, and a woman's legs are part of her femininity.", but also the moments of joy: "My best moment was at the Venice Carnival in 2015. It included an act known as Eagle Flight. I was the person, dressed as an eagle, and I descended from the bell tower in flight. I cried tears of happiness because I knew I could walk, run, dance... and fly."

You can read the full interview online by logging on to:

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