Motion to support Italian cultural identity in the United States approved by the Chamber of Deputies

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In her speech during the explanation of vote, Fucsia Fitzgerald Nissoli, italian MP elected in North and Central America, emphasized how it is "important to analyze history not according to our preferences or ideologies, but according to the criteria of a rigorous scientific research, because otherwise we would fall into cultural relativism where everyone tells his own story". I pointed out that "cancel culture" aims to defend all diversities and all minorities, and even defines as a richness biodiversity and cultural differences such as "gender", but then it is totally intolerant of the diversity of people or peoples who are "different" from their ideological principles.

I said that different peoples, different backgrounds, different identities are values to be respected and defended and not to be erased, highlighting that Italy and Italians ask not to be discriminated through the removal of their culture and history from everyday life in the USA, just as no culture should be criminalized.

I also asked that the Italian Parliament defends our homeland and our dignity and that of Italians abroad thanking the organizations of Italians in America that have fought to defend our cultural heritage, an attachment to the Motherland that national institutions must duly take into account: an example of Love for Italy that we should all rediscover!

Finally, thanking all the Colleagues, I made a passionate call to the Italian Parliament to approve the motion, which is the result of a widely shared work, and I asked that an official delegation of the Parliament go to the U.S. for the celebration of Columbus Day, and that we go beyond political differences in order to be one voice in support of the Italian spirit and of those who have chosen to live in a great country like the U.S., defending pluralism, democracy and freedom."

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