Publication of the Consular Roll of Italian Language Managers and Promoters in the USA

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The website of the Italian Embassy in the USA has published the Consular Register of Managers/Promoters of initiatives in favor of the Italian language and culture operating in the Washington, DC area.

As part of its policy of support for the promotion of the Italian language throughout the world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation grants contributions under Cap. 3153 to bodies interested in carrying out activities and initiatives in favor of the promotion of the Italian language abroad, which may consist of insertion of curricular disciplines in the Italian language, i.e. teaching activities of a periodic and continuous nature within the local curricula; curricular courses, i.e. teaching activities included in the local curricula, also with the aim of enhancing the educational offer; extracurricular courses, i.e. teaching activities carried out outside the curricular timetable and offer; preparatory courses, i.e. interventions to facilitate the insertion of Italian students in the local school systems and to encourage bilingualism.

The resources are intended for non-profit organizations, active in the diffusion of Italian language and culture in the world, established and organized according to the legal forms provided for by local regulations and included in the Consular Roll of Sponsoring Organizations.

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