Confassociazioni's 1,200k italian small business & professionals are ready to link USA and Canada stakeholders

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Confassociazioni, the Italian Confederation of Professional Associations, represents 699 Professional Associations that bring together more than 200,000 companies and 1200000 professional members.

This relational capital, unique in the Country in this particular sector, is now available to North American players interested in operating in Italy, who can join Confassociazioni, benefiting from a single point of contact with Italian businesses.

When an organization decides to enter Italy to do business or to invest, it must certainly take into account many variables: from culture to legislation, from mentality to aspects that will impact on logistics, Confassociazioni has developed partnership programs for foreign players who intend to foster their relations with Italy, intended in particular for Institutions, Large Corporates, Chambers of Commerce, International Trade Associations, Business & Professional Associations.”. Confassociazioni’s President, Angelo Deiana says.

For those players, Confassociazioni may be of help in: opening a constructive dialogue with italian trade associations and unions to ensure positive externalities locally; creating relationships with the italian press, journalists and media, both national and local, generalist and sectorial; establishing relationships with Italian institutions, at a national level; creating relationships with italian stakeholders, in order to enter into the dynamics of the area and take advantage of all local opportunities in the best possible way, as well as contribute positively to its development.

We have built Confassociazioni by linking together what we call the Country's real shareholder. As of today, we confederate almost 700 italian Business & Professional Associations covering 24 industries countrywide. Member organizations account for 9% of the Country's GDP (21% if you include affiliated companies. “. President Deiana highlights.

Confassociazioni is active in every Italian region, from north to south, through its regional delegations, aggregating all the most important stakeholders of the Italian System such as institutions, associations, companies and professionals through the operations of 24 vertical branches in the following fields: Media, Communication and Public Affairs; Management, Banking and Finance; Digital and Information Technology; Tourism, Food and Hospitality; International Trade, Luxury and Fashion; Entertainment, Cinema and Theater; Welfare, Environment and Health; Coaching, Wellness and Lifestyle; Culture and Education; Enterprises and Consumers; Non Profits and Charities; Protection and Security; Sport, Wellness and Coaching.

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