Vincenzo Arcobelli, interviewed by Catania's newspaper "La Sicilia"

Vincenzo Arcobelli was born in Sicily, in Catania and lived in Paternò up to 1993 when he moved to Texas, following his desire to know a different culture and a world definitely more advanced.

Arcobelli, today instructor pilot commander of commercial civil aviation, has met Italian Americans of great cultural, entrepreneurial and political depth as the chairman emeritus of Niaf, Frank Stella, the judge of the Supreme Court, Anthony Scalia and many others. He was able to increase the institutional relationships with various government leaders and Texan and American representatives. His commitment in the field did not go unnoticed, so much so that Mirko Tremaglia asked him to work side by side to advance the civil rights battles of our compatriots scattered throughout the world.

Today Arcobelli is a point of reference for Italians living in Texas and he has recently been interviewed by the newspaper "La Sicilia" to which he has released some interesting statements.

"After a careful consideration - said Arcobelli - of what is happening, we councilors have made a reasoning on the health evolution of Covid and on the consequences that lead to face still with uncertainty a future full of difficult conditions. The General Council, together with the grassroots representative bodies, the "Comites", and the Associations, have been committed to supporting the interventions of prevention and protection of the essential rights required by our compatriots in the US and around the world. The active collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the Farnesina, with the Dgit of Maeci, the embassies, and the consular diplomatic network, has been in many cases essential to bring back home Italians eager to return home. This experience has allowed Cgie representatives to exercise some of the prerogatives aimed at assisting communities through information and communication."

On the reactivation of the regional council of Sicilian emigration, which has not been operating for several years, Arcobelli said: "In my opinion it is a moral duty and a political and institutional will, especially in a moment like this one of widespread economic crisis, accentuated by the pandemic. You see, Sicilians in the world, Sicilian associations actively working abroad and their representatives are a great resource for Sicily and as such they deserve respect: they carry out with dignity initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting the island identity and culture. In the meeting that took place 13 months ago in New Jersey, the President of the Sicilian Regional Government Nello Musumeci asked us for help, affirming that Sicily needs Sicilians abroad. Of course, we of the Confederation of Sicilians in North America (Csna) gave our availability as long as there was a solid concreteness. "

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