Smokey Tomato Carbonara: crisis between Italy and USA over the recipe of the most famous Italian pasta in the world

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Culinary diplomacy is in crisis, or almost, after the publication by the American newspaper, New York Times, of a reinterpretation of carbonara, a great Italian classic and Roman specialty, with the proposed recipe "Smoky Tomato Carbonara".

In Italy, after the publication of the U.S. recipe, prepared with bacon instead of lard in order to give a nice smoky note" and with the use of tomato for the realization of the first dish made in Italy, authoritative commentators took the field.

A real "Carbonara War" but in the U.S. seems to like the "Smokey" version. However, there are those who invite us to lower the tone because we are faced with two different lifestyles and, above all, a different way of eating, also because the time of day in the USA is organized differently.

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  1. Appreciated the article on Columbus by Mr. Ortiz. We need more honest people who are not afraid to speak the truth to combat the current revisionist baloney. Thanks.