No ketchup on spaghetti, on the shelves last book by the Queen in the Kitchen, Ale Gambini

Ale Gambini, known as A Queen in the Kitchen, is an Italian food ambassador in Los Angeles, writer, award-winning online program host and cooking teacher. Born and raised in Northern Italy, in beautiful Milan, she learned to cook and love good food from her beloved grandmother, Nonna Fernanda. Ale has taught hundreds of food lovers about authentic Italian cooking.

In his latest book "No ketchup on Spaghetti", Ale Gambini, celebrates Italian food excellence (DOP, IGP and STG food products), because every culinary experience starts with knowing the ingredients, where to find them and how to prepare them.

Italian food is so much more than pizza and pasta; from regional specialties to refined delicacies, it wouldn't take a lifetime to try them all!

The collection of recipes includes delicious dishes little known to most, such as Scampi alla Busara, Crescione and Mondeghili, as well as classic and iconic Italian dishes such as Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, Cannoli and Focaccia.

No Ketchup on Spaghetti includes a foreword by Alessandro Schiatti (CEO of I Love Italian Food) and suggestions from masters of Italian cuisine including Aurelio Barattini, Christina Conte, Gabriella Gasparini, Manuela Mazzocco, Barbara Pollastrini, Vincenzo Prosperi, Amy Riolo and Mario Rizzotti.

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