Italian Startup Revoluce creates platform against billing fraud and inaccurate consumption counts

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One and half million euros have been stolen from 150 users in the last 6 months in Sicily alone. 500,000 euros in damages were caused by a Milanese scammer in Veneto during the first lockdown. Lazio and Abruzzo are the Regions that have received the most questions from the Conciliation Service. These are just some of the data highlighted by the Report about scams on electricity, gas and water bills drawn up by Revoluce, a start-up supplying electricity and natural gas - founded by a group of thirty-year-olds from southern Italy.

Over 50% of those looking for a new supplier stop at the promise of the lowest price and exclusive savings. Thus, many potential scammers, leveraging the alleged savings, find the ideal conditions to attract customers. Yet, bill fraud continues - unfortunately - to affect hundreds of thousands of users. Attempts to deceive can take place by telephone, either landline or mobile, or even via a home visit from a false representative.

According to the report, at least 15 million Italians are looking for a cheaper supplier than their current one - a pool of users that is coveted by energy companies. In 2019, 10,361 requests for information were received, of which 25% related to the topic of "supplier change" and "unsolicited contracts"; that is, people who found themselves with bogus contracts or of which they knew nothing (see 2019 ARERA - Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment - data). With the arrival of winter, moreover, the electricity and gas bills of the protected market increased significantly, respectively by 15.6% and 11.4% - not to mention assorted maxi-bills featuring adjustments, recalculations and merely estimated consumptions.

Most users simply pay up, some because of the difficulty in fully understanding the items in the bill, others because they don’t know what the complaint process is, still others out of laziness or to avoid problems, then going on to switch supplier again. It is estimated that these scams amount to about 750 thousand euros in (unreported) damages suffered by citizens every year, but the real figure could be much higher. These users just pay the inflated bills and then switch providers, without worrying about the scam they got into. It is with this in mind that Revoluce has created the “Energia ZeroTruffe” platform, a sort of social network for utilities which is also a sort of CAF 2.0, the first to specialize in the free energy market. The platform was created to protect the consumer, since it has emerged from the ‘Rapporto sulle truffe’ that those who suffer a scam often fail to denounce it - or to file a formal complaint by activating all the available tools.

“Our goal will be to offer a 360-degree assistance with free advice and information material for everyone at a symbolic price. Giuseppe Dell’Acqua Brunone, CEO & Founder of Revoluce explains: We want to provide users with all the objective information to defend themselves from disservices and to guide them through the free market jungle. The platform will also be enriched with textual, audio, video, podcast, articles, interviews, infographics, animations, reports, guides, books and more to encourage the participation of industry professionals, consumer and trade associations. A place where market players will be able to freely generate and enjoy content useful for the growth of our sector. Energia ZeroTruffe also includes a quarterly magazine that will be delivered to our subscribers. We want to propose a new way of experiencing energy, made of active involvement, knowledge, simplicity and sharing of positive experiences - and not just incomprehensible bills".

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