The 224th anniversary of the National Day of the Flag, the patriotic symbol dearest to Italians

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Festa del Tricolore, officially Giornata nazionale della bandiera or Giornata Tricolore (Tricolor Day), is an Italian national celebration day, established to commemorate the birth of the national flag. It is celebrated every year on January 7, with the official celebrations taking place in Reggio Emilia, the city where the adoption of the Tricolor was approved for the first time by a sovereign Italian state, the Cispadane Republic.

The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, issued the following statement:

"Today marks the 224th anniversary of the National Day of the Flag, the patriotic symbol dearest to Italians.

During these long months, so difficult for Italy and for the entire world, we have felt a great emotion in seeing so many tricolors displayed in the windows, on the terraces and on the houses all along the Peninsula. A renewed emotion when the National Aerobatic Team drew our flag in the skies of our cities, as well as when we saw the Tricolor illuminating the buildings and monuments of the Republic. The Tricolor, as perhaps never happened recently in such an intense way, has been able to represent our identity, the feeling of cohesion of a people that wants to look ahead, without forgetting the suffering caused by the pandemic, but with the will to start again.

The Flag, expression of our history, embodies today the high values indicated by the Constitutional Charter: unity, freedom, democracy, solidarity.

From the Risorgimento to the most tragic and exciting moments of our national journey, the Tricolour has always inspired hope and confidence and pushed Italians to find the necessary strength to rise again, together with the people who have chosen to create the European Union and the international community to which we belong, because only united we will be able to overcome adversity. Viva il Tricolore, viva la Repubblica".

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