Stefano Lucchini is elected the new president of FEduF

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Stefano Lucchini, Vice President AmCham Italy as well as Chairman of Banca IMI Securities Corporation and Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer di Intesa Sanpaolo has become the new president of the Foundation for Financial and Savings Education (FEduF), the Foundation created on the initiative of the Italian Banking Association (ABI) to disseminate financial education with a view to conscious citizenship and economic legality. Since July 2016, Lucchini has been a member of the Board and Executive Committee of ABI.

FEduF aims to involve all stakeholders in promoting a new culture of economic citizenship, enhancing the different initiatives, overcoming individualism and sharing the experiences gained in the name of the interest of the community.

The Foundation works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and School Offices in the area and disseminates, in schools of all levels, innovative educational programs in form and content, including through the organization of events for students, teachers and parents. FEduF works on the cultural mediation between content often considered difficult and simple and effective dissemination tools.

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