An Italian TV documentary narrates the life of Giulio Andreotti

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Italian television channel Nove, airs today, at 9:25 p.m. Italian time, the documentary "Nove Racconta Giulio Andreotti" an original narrative of Giulio Andreotti's political and private life, through listening to his writings, viewing his public and personal photos, and interviews with witnesses of the time.

The documentary is in Italian and can be watched in the United States through satellite and streaming platforms such as DPlay.

The documentary "Andreotti - Private Diary", through the recovery of the documents preserved in his immense archives, often unpublished documents, recounts the life of one of the men who has most marked the history of Republican Italy.

The images, the repertoire, the unpublished photos, the archives, the exclusive documents, the autographed letters, the private messages are, for the most part, images and documents taken from his enormous personal archive. Giulio Andreotti had in fact the habit of keeping every photo, every document, every letter and every note.

The documentary traces his life and recounts it in the first person, accompanied by the testimony of family members who have known his private life, and personalities who met him and who reveal the background of his public figure.

An unedited portrait emerges thanks to the testimonies of: Gennaro Acquaviva, Serena Andreotti, Stefano Andreotti, Massimo D'Alema, Massimo Franco, Pio Mastrobuoni, Paolo Cirino Pomicino, his nephews Paolo Ravaglioli and Giulio Andreotti, Vincenzo Scotti, Riccardo Sessa.

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