Business Expert Channel, IACCSE video guide for the internationalization of Italian SMEs in the United States, is now available

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The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast has presented the first video guide to the internationalization of SMEs in the United States designed to explain to Italian entrepreneurs how to interface with the North American market.

The Business Expert Channel is conceived as an online training channel for Italian entrepreneurs and aims to make easily accessible, free and usable a series of orientative information on the US market provided by recognized professionals and experts.

It is basically a digital library, consisting of an exclusive collection of video clips on legal, tax and business issues.

Lawyers, accountants and consultants with extensive experience in the U.S. share, through this platform, indications and suggestions to properly approach the U.S. market, which is complex, extremely competitive and with high operating costs, but also rich in opportunities like few others in the world.

The videos are produced in Italian and cover the most common issues in internationalization. All videos are available to users at no cost and are easy to share.

You can find BEC at

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