Amato Berardi, from Molise to Philadelphia, the commitment of a "Molisano" in Italy-US relations

From Molise to Philadelphia, Amato Berardi has built an ideal bridge that still today, more than ever, manages to bring Italy and the USA together with great success.

Amato Berardi is a successful Italian-American entrepreneur and politician, founder of several companies and organizations in the business and political fields including the successful NIA-PAC (National Italian American- Political Action Committee). From 2008 to 2013 he was elected to the House of Representatives representing the North and Central American Constituency.

Born in Longano, Molise, he emigrated to Philadelphia in the U.S. with his family at the age of 12; never forgetting his Italian origins and Molise roots and his love for Italy that has led him to continuously undertake various initiatives to promote Italian excellence in the U.S., his second homeland.

His relentless commitment over the years and his highly successful personality has led him to receive numerous awards including two of the most coveted in the USA. The NIAF (National Italian American Foundation), of which he is also a member, honored him with the prestigious "40th Anniversary Award for Leadership and Service" in October 2015. He was also honored by Philadelphia's most prestigious and exclusive club, the Union League, of which he is also a member.

Always been committed to promoting Italy in all its aspects, in particular would like to give greater impetus and contribute to the revival of Molise with its peculiarities and characteristics must propose better and more, give opportunities to many young people, researchers and not looking for a reference point in the U.S. for their careers.

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