IACC NY announcing Italian Citizenship Service

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The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the launch of a new Italian Citizenship Service in collaboration with valued member Lorenzo Agnoloni, Esq., Studio Legale Notarile Agnoloni – International Law-Notary Firm. Through this exciting new service, the IACC is able to provide its members and larger community with expert legal citizenship services.

Dual citizenship (Italian and American) is one of the most powerful tools, and incredible privileges an individual may hold. A dual citizen is able to live and study abroad easily, and again access to certain countries VISA-free. The COVID-19 outbreak has made dual citizenship even more useful — in a world where many borders are closed to Americans, having a second passport means you may be able to travel where others cannot.

To schedule a preliminary 30-minute video or in-person consultation with Mr. Agnoloni, please contact the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce.

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