Programma Artemis: a new goal in the space collaboration between Italy and USA

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The Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers in charge of Aerospace, Riccardo Fraccaro and the NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, have signed in virtual form a Joint Declaration on bilateral collaboration in the framework of the Artemis program. The declaration paves the way for an increasingly articulated and fruitful participation of Italy in the program launched by the United States to return to the Moon by 2024 and develop the technologies and experience necessary to finalize a human mission to Mars. The declaration recognizes the potential scientific and commercial benefits of the collaboration between the U.S. and Italy and the areas in which Italy can bring its contribution of excellence.

The above mentioned declaration is the most recent development of a very close collaboration between institutions and private sector in Italy and the USA that has projected Italy among the major players in aerospace and space economy.

"Our Joint Declaration - underlined Ambassador Varricchio - represents a piece of fundamental importance for the relations between Italy and the United States in the space sector, in the era of the "space economy". The last twenty years has been characterized by the very close relationship between Space Shuttle and transport logistics, with the realization in Italian manufacture of the "pressurized logistic modules". Looking to the next twenty years Italy introduces itself now like an irreplaceable partner in the logistics and in the interplanetary transport: it deals with a unique perspective for the national industry and a strategic positioning for our entire country system.

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