The five largest italian-american organizations join forces to defend the memory of Columbus

In the wake of the recent attacks on Columbus Day and the statues of Christopher Columbus, which have spread throughout the United States, the five most important organizations supporting the Italian-American community of over 23 million people across the United States have decided to join forces, founding the National Columbus Education Foundation.

The Order of the Sons of Italy in America (, together with other important organizations supporting Americans of Italian descent, the Columbus Citizens Foundation, ISDA, NIAF and UNICO National, have joined forces for an unprecedented operation by funding the establishment of the National Columbus Education Foundation.

"We are witnessing an unprecedented attack on the symbols of American culture and in particular on the memory of Christopher Columbus, a symbol very dear not only to the Italian-American community, guardian of the memory of the Italian navigator who discovered the new world, but also to the rest of the US population who, for centuries now, have considered it to be the identity of the United States". This was stated by Carmelo Cutuli, president of the Rome Chapter of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America (OSDIA), the oldest and most consolidated organization supporting American citizens of Italian descent in North America. The OSDIA, founded in 1905 by a Sicilian doctor who emigrated to New York, today has 600,000 members and 115 years of social achievements in favour of Italian Americans.

The National Columbus Education Foundation was founded to conduct and disseminate research, studies and analysis on the figure of Christopher Columbus. The Foundation intends to develop political solutions and proposals to support the preservation of Columbus Day, rectifying the false narrative surrounding the famous navigator. The resources will be directed to promote a social debate on the many reasons why Columbus Day should be preserved and celebrated by all Americans.

"We of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America - continues Cutuli - will also support the activities of the National Columbus Education Foundation by collaborating on a series of research projects contributing to the development of educational materials and multimedia content accessible to the general public and opinion makers in particular".

The Foundation is preparing to launch a major public campaign and a website called KnowColumbus to promote a more objective approach to reading Colombo's work.

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