Confassociazioni launches its new top-level management team of 400 Italian professionals and entrepreneurs

Confassociazioni, the unitary expression of Federations, Coordination, Associations, companies, professionals and people based in Italy and Europe, renews its top management structure.

President Angelo Deiana announced today that Confassociazioni has reached "1.180.000 members, 678 professional and business associations, 210.000 companies with an average of 5.1 employees".

The new top management structure of Confassociazioni is made up of about 400 important leaders coming from the Italian professional and entrepreneurial scene.

"People of great value - pointed out President Deiana - at the service of a large network that represents the italian business communities. A widespread governance network that will have as its primary objectives both to continue to expand in qualitative and quantitative terms and to continue to invest its professionalism in Confassociazioni and in the country as real shareholders. The positive premises are all there: the names and biographies on our website tell the very high professional and entrepreneurial level we are talking about".