Phase 2 at a glance - how are Italy and the U.S. preparing?

Phase 2 of emergency COVID-19 has begun. How are Italy and the United States reacting? The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy is organizing an online meeting with the local representatives of AmCham Italy in Italy and in the USA on May 7 at 3 pm. Through the sharing of strategies for the restart, they will animate the debate on the future prospects of both countries and the analysis of the difficulties and strengths peculiar to each region.

Amcham representatives will participate in the webinar: Lecco-Sondrio, Lorenzo Della Bella; Brescia, Andrea Ferrandi; Verona, Antonio Ferrag├╣; Torino, Enrico Maria Rosso; Liguria, Madi Gandolfo; Genova, Mauro Ferrando; Bologna, Gianluca Settepani; Firenze, Lorenzo Parrini; Marche, Maria Letizia Urbani; Roma, Davide Cefis; Sardegna, Alessio Tola; Napoli, Massimo Petrone; Bari, Luigi Giuseppe Decollanz; Calabria, Paolo Zagami; Palermo, Pietro Viola; New York, Frank J. Cerza; Texas, Roberta Marcenaro.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AmCham) is a private, non profit-making organisation. It is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C., the American Commercial Association composed of more than three million member companies.

In addition to its headquarters in Milan, AmCham’s presence extends throughout the major Italian and American cities by means of a network of local chapters.

AmCham’s aims to develop and promote economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy, to support and protect the interests of its associates’ commercial activities between the two countries, and to disseminate information concerning AmCham’s own activities amongst its members.