COVID-19: Revoluce revolves the power increase, freezes power consumption and launch a non-profit initiative

The terrible health and economic emergency from COVID-19 has awakened or exacerbated the value of solidarity in a large part of the population. Private citizens, fashion giants, influencers, VIPs, private companies. Many have taken concrete actions in support of those in difficulty. Among these, particular attention should be paid to the initiatives carried out by Revoluce, an Italian start-up specialized in "rechargeable energy", founded in 2016 by a group of young people from southern Italy, which is also the promoter of the establishment of the non-profit association Energia Sospesa.

In these long weeks of quarantine, in which we are all locked in our homes, between Smart Working and distance learning, many people have found a sharp increase in energy consumption, against, perhaps, a reduction or zero revenue. Moreover, the need to keep several devices on, essential for work, school and household tasks, is blowing up more than one counter, putting at risk the possibility of continuing activities and family harmony.

Revoluce, therefore, has chosen to help all of its users by charging from June onwards the increase in energy power up to 1.5kW and freezing the increases in consumption, which even turns into bonuses for users. A measure adopted voluntarily by the company, which has caused many people to breathe a real sigh of relief. "According to the average consumption in our country, every year there is a 3% increase from February to March. - Explains Giuseppe Dell'Acqua Brunone, CEO & Founder of Revoluce. - Given the particular moment, we decided to calculate the increases in consumption of our customers and anything that exceeds the expected percentage will be frozen and will be paid in installments at the end of the emergency. Of that amount, we will also waive the part corresponding to our marginality, which we have already given back to our customers in the form of a bonus. In addition, to help those who are really in trouble, we have activated an email address dedicated to the emergency from COVID-19, for those who, despite the benefits, are unable to pay the consumption. We are receiving several very touching letters from an emotional point of view. For each report, once we have verified that it is not the sly one on duty, we will look for a solution to help the customer".

In order to guarantee the availability of capital to the company, and offer economic advantages even to those who are not particularly in difficulty, Revoluce has proposed a formula that is a sort of "all you can eat", or rather "all you can use". Whoever wants, can choose to pay in advance the energy consumption for the next 3 months, according to a calculation made by Revoluce. If the actual consumption will be higher, the customer will not be asked anything, while if he will consume less than estimated, he will be returned the difference. Another option is to top up the Revoluce account with which you pay the consumption with an amount to cover the next 6 or 12 months, obtaining a reduction of 20 or 30%.

In these days, moreover, Revoluce has started the constitution of the non-profit association Energia Sospesa, through which you can help to leave consumption suspended in favor of those who can not pay for it, just as in Naples (but not only) was done with coffee in bars. A hand outstretched towards those who are facing a period of great economic difficulty.

A series of interventions that put solidarity and attention towards its users, in front of the desire to create profit. A choice that can only confirm the very high levels of customer satisfaction that Revoluce registers since its birth. The company, in fact, is the company with the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS, world index that measures the positivity of customer experiences) in Italy, equal to +64, against a market average of -18, with the best competitors that hardly exceed +22. Revoluce, moreover, is the electricity supply company with the highest number of reviews, more than a thousand between Facebook and Google, with an average score of 4.8/5, and a customer service satisfaction level of 4.2/5. 40% of users come from word of mouth, and 79% remain in supply for at least 3 years.