Soon after the Coronavirus Italian media outbreak a truth campaign is needed, communication expert Roberto Race says

"It's too early for analysis and we'll have time to figure out who's responsible. What is certain is that in a few days we had the economic locomotive of Northern Italy stopped abruptly and our country, not only the North, seen from abroad seems to be in the middle of an apocalyptic scenario.
We need transparency and truth. The media must tell things without pursuing sensationalism. Starting from the fact that in Italy there are more cases verified only because, and this is not insignificant, more checks have been made than in other countries. The paradox is that we are paying for the honesty and speed with which our Health System has performed.

And let's be honest... Patient zero is not a mushroom that appeared in Codogno one morning, but he came from China and landed in some airport where he stopped off. Why wasn't the spotlight on that one too? How can we rule out that patient zero was not infected in the air or at the airport by people from other countries? This issue hasn't come up". Roberto Race stated today, interviewed by italian press newswire ADNkronos.

Race is general secretary of Competere.EU Think Tank and is one of the most established corporate strategy and reputation consultants at the moment in Italy. From his international observatory, working with SMEs and at the same time with large multinationals, gives useful insights into what is happening.