Amcham Power Breakfast with Sicilian regional Government Vicepresident Gaetano Armao

The Amcham Italy organizes next February 10, in its headquarters in Via Cesare Cantù 1 in Milan, a Power Breakfast with the Vice President and Councillor for Economy of the Sicilian Region, Prof. Gaetano Armao. The event, reserved for members only, will start at 9.30 am.

Gaetano Armao, degree in law, with honors, at the University of Palermo (1985), specialization, with honors, in financial intermediation law at the University of Ferrara (1988), he attended the doctorate in public community law at the University of Palermo (1990-92). Assistant Professor of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Palermo (1992) and Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies-University of London (1993), Associate Professor of Administrative Law. Subject that teaches since 1996 with public accounting and administrative law at the University of Palermo. Fellow of the Society of Advanced legal studies-University of London.

He taught economic law at the Universitas Mercatorum-Rome (2010-15), in university and master specialization courses, member of the Italian Association of urban planning law, of the Association of jurists for the Islands, and President of the Association Supreme Court lawyer, with an office between Palermo and Rome, he was an expert of the Council of Europe and a consultant to the bicameral anti-mafia commission and the one for regional issues (2015-17), and several times of the national and regional Sicilian government.

Vice-president of the Teatro Massimo Foundation of Palermo (2002-05) and of the Italian Committee of Music-Unesco, then Regional Councilor for the Presidency (2009), the Cultural Heritage (2010) and the Economy (until the end of 2012) of the Sicilian Region which he represented at the Conference of the Regions and State-Regions, at the CIPE and at the Council of Ministers, leading delegations to the USA, China, Libya, Russia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Member of the Guarantors Committee for the 150 years of the Unification of Italy (2011) and of the Permanent Conference for the coordination of public finance (2011-12). President of the University Consortium of Agrigento (2016-17), coordinator of the Master in "European Project Planning and Professions", member of the Teaching Committee of the doctorate "Performance models in the public sector", of the Masters in "Labor law and industrial relations "and" Management for Local Authorities "of the University of Palermo, of the Scientific Committee of the Einaudi Foundation and of the Curella Foundation, consultant of the Italy-USA Foundation, General Secretary for Malta of Civitan USA, Commander of the Order of Malta Melitense Merit . He was president of the Unesco-Sicily Foundation and of the Palermo Friends of Music Association. He is Vice President and Local Minister for the Economy of the Sicilian Region, a permanent member of the Conference of Regions and Public Administrations, of the State-Regions Conference, of the Committee of EU Regions, as well as President of the Intergroup for European Islands and Vice-President of the EPP Group, Vice-President of the European Islands Commission of the Conference of Maritime and Peripheral Regions of Europe (CPMR).

Author of over 200 works in administrative law, regional law, public accounting. Among the monographs: The juridical regulation of the lyrical-symphonic foundations, Turin, 2008; The remuneration linked to the result in the public sector, Palermo, 2008; The implementation of the differentiated autonomy of the Sicilian Region, Naples, 2013; The relaunch of the South in constitutional reform, Rome, 2014; Open Government. Total transparency and implementation in Italy and in the Sicilian Region, Palermo, 2015, Redeemable Sicily.

The dissipated autonomy and the opportunities of insularity, Soveria Mannelli, 2018, edited the books Federalism Fiscal and Equalizations: Autonomy of Responsibility, Rome, 2013, The new implementation rules on credit and savings in the Sicilian Region, Turin, 2015, (with M. Saija and E. Anchustegui) Autogoverno e Autonomia, Siracusa, 2016 and with M. Saija, Seventy years of Sicilian autonomy, Soveria Mannelli, 2016.