70th anniversary of the National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation celebrated its 70th anniversary with a symposium and a gala evening in Washington, DC. Italy was among the guests of honor, confirming the cooperation of the highest level between our country and the United States in science and technology.

The Ambassador of Italy Armando Varricchio spoke at the opening of the evening to underline the importance of international collaboration in the scientific field and the many areas of cooperation between the National Science Foundation and the Italian agencies, bodies and research centres, also in the framework of the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement renewed at the end of 2018 in the thirtieth anniversary of its signature. During his speech, the Ambassador recalled 2016 when the LIGO-VIRGO project, beneficiary also of NSF funds, led to the first direct observation of gravitational waves.

"The history of the relationship between NSF and Italy - recalled Varricchio - and the important discoveries made thanks to the direct relationship between Italian and American scientists constantly remind us how crucial international collaboration is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge and build a better future for the new generations".

"The excellent state of scientific and technological relations between Italy and the USA - continued Varricchio - is a reflection of the strength of the bond that unites our countries in every field and on the basis of which we can look to the future with confidence".

During his speech, the Ambassador thanked the American astrophysicist France A. Cordova, outgoing Director of the Foundation, who in her six years at the helm of NSF has given a considerable boost to the activities carried out by the Foundation in collaboration with foreign partners and in particular with Italy.