MepLaw: the Italian Law Firm that promotes the excellence of Made in Italy in the world

Unlike other countries, such as the United States, in Italy there are few law firms that have a vision of the "managerial" profession that allows them to expand their field of action beyond national borders. Among the few exceptions, there is MepLaw, a 100% Italian Law Firm that has been able to successfully project itself abroad.

The Firm was founded in 1987 by lawyer Luigi Maggesi. In 2009 his son, lawyer Fabio Maggesi, an expert in international law and the web, began to give a new look to the Law firm. After several professional collaborations on the European scene, he decided to open the London office with lawyer Lorenzo Macchi, already an expert in Common Law and maritime law. He then acquired his first non-EU law firm in Izmir, Turkey.

Today MepLaw has offices in Rome, London and Izmir, and can count on about 30 Italian Desks around the world, where at least one lawyer who speaks Italian perfectly works. Thanks to this consolidated reality, the firm represents an important support for the numerous Italians living abroad, whose number is always increasing. In the United Kingdom alone, there are about 700,000 Italians, the number could be higher if you consider all those who have never registered at the foreign registry office.

"Our modus operandi has allowed us not only to obtain a specific positioning with respect to other studies, but also to become a point of reference for our compatriots living in the United Kingdom, Turkey or neighboring countries, who often have to deal with a different regulatory system, made even less understandable by language barriers.

One of the firm's short-term objectives is to open two new offices: in the United Arab Emirates and in the USA. In 2020, then, will start a recruitment campaign at the current offices (2 in Rome, 1 in London and 1 in Izmir) which now have about 20 practitioners including Partners and Associates, who will be employed in the new facilities in Dubai and Miami (city where the firm is already present with Italian Desk). At the same time, a campaign has been launched to promote the Italian brand at a global level, in order to establish strategic partnerships with local Law Firm already structured in different continents, so as to increase the number of Italian Desks and increase legal services even where MepLaw is not yet present with a physical office.