FlyKube will take care of your summer holidays even if you don't know where to go

In view of the coming months, FlyKube, offers Summer to Surprise, packages in which the user chooses when and where to start, selecting one of the available airports, the duration, from 3 to 7 days, but not where to go! The destination, in fact, will be communicated just two days before departure. At the time of booking, however, the user can see all 16 available destinations, with the possibility of excluding up to 3 free of charge. The destinations included in the package are: Santorini, Mykonos, Ibiza, Barcelona, Nice, Marseille, Malta, Palma di Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Azores, Corsica, Sicily, Hvar, Sardinia and Valencia.

Although Flykube has been entering the Italian market for just over a year, surprise travel has already won the hearts of thousands of travelers, eager to discover new places, without paying too much attention to the destination. An inclination that denotes a great open-mindedness and curiosity towards realities different from one's own. The packages offered, moreover, have highly competitive prices, and this makes travel accessible to many more people, such as students and young people.

"We have received many messages from users who have allowed themselves to travel with us, in which they thank us very warmly for bringing this new way of traveling to Italy. - Paolo Della Pepa, one of the founding members of FlyKube, commented. - Although our Italian adventure started recently, we can already say that we have found the same trend already highlighted in Spain, that is, those who make a surprise trip, in most cases back to repeat the experience. Not only that, we have noticed that, if the first times you eliminate some destination among the potential ones, in the following trips, you tend to do it less, because what conquers is above all the wait to know where you will go.