Paolo Internicola, US Sales Manager for italian Color Manufacturer GDM

Since February of this year, Colorificio GDM has launched its commercial expansion campaign in the United States, where it recently participated in the PDCA Expo in Savannah, the most important American trade fair in the sector of which GDM was the main sponsor.

Paolo Internicola, an experienced Italian manager living in the United States, was recently charged as US Sales Manager for italian Color Manufacturer GDM, we have met him soon after the closing of the last edition of PDCA Expo in Savannah.

Let's start with PDCA Expo, how was the fair?

Let me explain something first: although PDCA may be attended by painters or contractor only and the show was only for one day from 11am to 4pm, we had a huge line up of visitors at the booth to get more information about our products. I never have experienced so much enthusiasm before and most important, it came from people that use paints products every single day!!!

For American distribution, you have designed and developed two products specifically for US market, can you briefly describe them?

GDM Di Maria's catalogue features more then 2000 products, anyway we decided to start with two unique products. The Bisaten Thermo Paint, which was created by GDM engineers using glass bubble technology from 3M. The results give a new meaning to the standard paint, it’s in facts an innovative painting technology made to save hundreds of dollars in energy bills for the US customers. The other product line is Elio Collection Faux paint that has the unique property which can be applied in just one coat as you do like regular paint. Usually faux paints need many steps to get the right effect, that’s why consumer hire a professional to create a decorative paint but with Elio you can do it yourself!

In the development of your productions you pay great attention to sustainability, one of your flagship products Bisaten is designed to reduce heat loss as well as to sanitize and protect from mold environments. What is the future in the paints and varnishes sector?

As today the only change that you can find in the paint hardware department is a new set of colors for the new season. Thanks to new technologies, paint will have a new meaning in the market. We will see more and more paints products built to give more than just a color. GDM, as always, is a pioneer in this new market thanks to the Bisaten thermo paint!

What are the plans for the immediate future?

We already started our branding campaign, we are collaborating with many specialized magazines using social media. GDM Di Maria will start the retail distribution before fall 2019 and thanks to strategic partnership we will be present in thousands stores around the US before the end of the year. Our official launch will be at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas on May 7th, the biggest event, in this sector, in North America!

Now let's talk about you and your professionalism, how many years you have been in the U.S. market and what is your personal background?

I moved in the US over twenty years ago and I started my own marketing company in 2000, since then I’ve been collaborating with many Italian companies, helping them to secure a market share in the USA and Canada. Most of the senior manager of the biggest GDO in the US know me and trust me when I bring them new Italian products.

What advice would you give to an Italian entrepreneur who plans to distribute his products in the USA?

Do not come in the US without a branding plan, professionals like me may be able to place your product in thousand of stores but you, as company, need to be prepared to bring the consumer to buy your product from the shelf!