American TV Star and entrepreneur Clarissa Burt launches In the Limelight Media portal

American TV Star and entrepreneur Clarissa Burt launches In the Limelight Media portal

American model and entrepreneur Clarissa Burt launches In the Limelight Media Portal.

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Paul David Pope speaks out on the good and bad effects tabloids

Paul David Pope speaks out on the good and bad effects tabloids

Generoso Pope’s favorite son Paul David Pope speaks out on the good and bad effects tabloids have had on America starting with his grandfather bringing Italian Americans into the mainstream with his Il Progresso paper, the captivating progenitor of once biggest selling, most influential tabloid of all time, the National Enquirer.

Author, businessman and humanitarian Paul David Pope, 47, is a third-generation Italian-American. Throughout his childhood, Paul heard stirring stories from his father, Gene Pope, Jr., about their family legacy – especially the remarkable rags-to-riches saga of his grandfather, Generoso Pope, Sr. Gene planted in Paul the seeds of pride in his Italian heritage and encouraged him to keep alive the memory of his ancestors.

Pope was born in New York and raised in Florida’s Palm Beach County, where he attended Pope John Paul II High School. He then attended the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in London, where he studied acting and singing. Groomed by his father to run the National Enquirer, he worked in the paper’s distribution, editorial, and business departments, learning the ropes from the bottom up. Following Gene’s death in 1988, when Paul was not named publisher of the Enquirer, and the paper went up for sale, he mounted a bid to acquire it that fell just short. Soon after, he embarked on the writing of the revelatory book, “The Deeds of My Fathers.”

In the process, Pope developed the highly sensitive and potentially explosive Pope Media Center, which contains more than 10 terabytes of digital and digitized assets derived from every form of original media starting in the early 1900s and extending through to present day. Development of the Pope Media Center took more than two decades, and includes a compilation of historic data from several continents as well as hundreds of interviews with top experts, including writers, photographers, world famous investigators, politicians, high profile news journalists such as Mike Wallis from 60 Minutes, noted gangsters, industry moguls, famous actors, lawyers, publishers, press, agents and talent managers. Additionally, it contains thousands of personal photos, talk show clips, feature magazine stories, secret FBI and CIA files, archival material from presidential libraries, dedications, videos, audio taped conversations, and large scale productions. It has become Pope’s life missions to compile this extensive documentation of the Pope family legacy.

The Pope Media Center has since contributed to such notable volumes as “The Italian Americans,” edited by Maria Laurino; “Pope’s Pilgrimage,” written by Pope; “Big Town Biography: Lives and Times of the Century’s Classic New Yorkers,” edited by Jay Maeder of the New York Daily News; and “The Italians of New York: Five Centuries of Struggle and Achievement,” which Pope underwrote and published and is edited by Philip V. Cannistraro.

Pope also formed his own company, Pope Entertainment Group. He was an Associate Producer of the Broadway musical Rent and produced the critically acclaimed motion picture Manny & Lo. He also sponsored the U.S. premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s Curdled for the benefit of the Film Society of Miami.

In the past decade, Pope has undertaken the organization of major events in the Italian-American community. He was chief sponsor of the New York Historical Society’s exhibit “The Italians of New York: Five Centuries of Struggle and Achievement.” In recognition of his efforts to promote Italian-American causes, he has received awards from the Consul General of Italy in New York, the Italian Apostolate of the Archdiocese of New York, the New York Conference of Italian American State Legislators, the Italian Welfare League, the Columbus Citizens Foundation, and the Order Sons of Italy in America. Pope has given his time, energy and support to such charitable groups as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kids in Distress, and Best Buddies, which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with mental disabilities. He has also given his support to the University of Miami, the Miami Heart Institute and the Miami City Ballet. He has received numerous awards from civic and charitable organizations for his philanthropic efforts. His newest charitable endeavor, Save Our World, is designed to raise the potential of humanity.

Pope’s second book, “Confessions” – a true story of incredible power and excess where life has no limits and the players no conscience – is set to be released by end of year. The juicy tell-all memoir paints a vivid picture of a life of excess and privilege – a story that is salacious, sinister, historically riveting and sexy to a modern day audience:

The life you dream of, he lives. No rules, no limits, no apologies. The true story behind a tabloid media dynasty isn’t always pretty; in fact, it’s downright shocking. Multimillionaire bad boy Paul David Pope grew up leading a privileged lifestyle that few could imagine. From outlandish private parties with live zebras to vaults of heavy armor and exotic foreign trips with receptions reserved for kings and presidents, it’s a nonstop adventure into a world never before revealed. But being the patriarch of a powerful global family has its price. Through the eyes of the notorious bad boy you will experience the ultimate highs and deep lows of life in a billion dollar glass house where everyone is throwing stones.

“Confessions” is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes frightening, usually jaw-dropping, and always gripping memoir of Pope, a young man who should have been dead long ago. That he has survived, and has even achieved a life that vaguely resembles normalcy, should be considered an inspiration to millions. What keeps the story fresh and readable at every turn is Pope’s uniquely quirky take on almost everything; he’s learned to view both himself and the world with a kind of ironic detachment that allows him to see the dark humor in the most uncomfortable situation.

Paul David Pope lives Florida, near the towns of Lantana and Manalapan, where his father relocated the National Enquirer and his family from New Jersey and New York in 1971.
Paolo Internicola, US Sales Manager for italian Color Manufacturer GDM

Paolo Internicola, US Sales Manager for italian Color Manufacturer GDM

Since February of this year, Colorificio GDM has launched its commercial expansion campaign in the United States, where it recently participated in the PDCA Expo in Savannah, the most important American trade fair in the sector of which GDM was the main sponsor.

Paolo Internicola, an experienced Italian manager living in the United States, was recently charged as US Sales Manager for italian Color Manufacturer GDM, we have met him soon after the closing of the last edition of PDCA Expo in Savannah.

Let's start with PDCA Expo, how was the fair?

Let me explain something first: although PDCA may be attended by painters or contractor only and the show was only for one day from 11am to 4pm, we had a huge line up of visitors at the booth to get more information about our products. I never have experienced so much enthusiasm before and most important, it came from people that use paints products every single day!!!

For American distribution, you have designed and developed two products specifically for US market, can you briefly describe them?

GDM Di Maria's catalogue features more then 2000 products, anyway we decided to start with two unique products. The Bisaten Thermo Paint, which was created by GDM engineers using glass bubble technology from 3M. The results give a new meaning to the standard paint, it’s in facts an innovative painting technology made to save hundreds of dollars in energy bills for the US customers. The other product line is Elio Collection Faux paint that has the unique property which can be applied in just one coat as you do like regular paint. Usually faux paints need many steps to get the right effect, that’s why consumer hire a professional to create a decorative paint but with Elio you can do it yourself!

In the development of your productions you pay great attention to sustainability, one of your flagship products Bisaten is designed to reduce heat loss as well as to sanitize and protect from mold environments. What is the future in the paints and varnishes sector?

As today the only change that you can find in the paint hardware department is a new set of colors for the new season. Thanks to new technologies, paint will have a new meaning in the market. We will see more and more paints products built to give more than just a color. GDM, as always, is a pioneer in this new market thanks to the Bisaten thermo paint!

What are the plans for the immediate future?

We already started our branding campaign, we are collaborating with many specialized magazines using social media. GDM Di Maria will start the retail distribution before fall 2019 and thanks to strategic partnership we will be present in thousands stores around the US before the end of the year. Our official launch will be at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas on May 7th, the biggest event, in this sector, in North America!

Now let's talk about you and your professionalism, how many years you have been in the U.S. market and what is your personal background?

I moved in the US over twenty years ago and I started my own marketing company in 2000, since then I’ve been collaborating with many Italian companies, helping them to secure a market share in the USA and Canada. Most of the senior manager of the biggest GDO in the US know me and trust me when I bring them new Italian products.

What advice would you give to an Italian entrepreneur who plans to distribute his products in the USA?

Do not come in the US without a branding plan, professionals like me may be able to place your product in thousand of stores but you, as company, need to be prepared to bring the consumer to buy your product from the shelf!
OSIA's 2019 Guglielmo Marconi Award Nominations are open

OSIA's 2019 Guglielmo Marconi Award Nominations are open

The wheels are already turning in preparation for OSIA's 56th Biennial National Convention, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio Texas, the week of August 12 to 16, 2019.

It is time to consider a very strong candidate to receive OSIA’s highest honor: the 2019 Guglielmo Marconi Award.

The Guglielmo Marconi Award is the highest award given by The Order Sons of Italy in America. It is presented to an American individual whom OSIA believes has contributed to the beloved nation and exemplifies OSIA's creed and way of life, in a manner which best expresses the ideals for which the Order stands. The award is presented at every OSIA Biennial National Convention.

Nominations for the award are accepted from members of the Marconi Award Committee, members of the Supreme Council of OSIA, State and Subordinate Lodge Presidents, as well as any member of OSIA via a member of the Marconi Award Committee or through a member of the Supreme Council of OSIA.

Please forward your nomination and any attachments and/or resume to the National Office no later than April 15, 2019 . Any nominations received after that postmark date cannot be considered by the Committee.

Click here to download the criteria information and nomination form
The 2019 America Award at Italian Parliament with the Italy-USA Foundation

The 2019 America Award at Italian Parliament with the Italy-USA Foundation

The Italy-USA Foundation promotes at the Italian Parliament the America Award; it is a prestigious recognition of great civil and institutional work. The award is mainly seen as a means to acknowledge and encourage initiatives and work aimed at favoring relationships between Italy and the United States of America.

Clearly famous, eminent figures that have distinguished themselves in their work and have achieved the utmost excellence in their respective fields of interest and activities, and important results in favor of transatlantic friendship, will be considered.

Last years the jury has awarded among the others Andrea Bocelli, Paul Bremer, Carla Fendi, Gianni Letta, Oscar Farinetti, Alberto Angela, Franco Frattini, Bebe Vio, Mario Andretti, Enrico Vanzina, Silvio Garattini, Tony Renis, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Gianni Riotta, Edward Luttwak, Alan Friedman, Carlo Rossella, Luisa Todini, Mario Moretti Polegato, Laura Biagiotti, Joe Bastianich, Bruno Vespa, Alessandro Benetton, Margherita Missoni, Giovanni Allevi, Lucia Annunziata, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Alberta Ferretti, Christian De Sica, Ennio Morricone, Walter Veltroni, Beatrice Trussardi, Umberto Veronesi, Renzo Arbore, Renato Balestra, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Alain Elkann, Paolo Limiti, Gualtiero Marchesi, Paolo Mieli, Monica Maggioni, Paolo Nespoli.

The next edition of the prize will be held in Rome, at the Chamber of Deputies, on 10 October, 2019. The prize is an exclusive work of art by the goldsmith Gerardo Sacco. It's possible to submit nominations for the awards, including a short motivation, by sending an email before June 30, 2019. Unsigned nominations or nickname signatures will not be taken into consideration.
The concert "Note d'America" with the Italy-USA Foundation

The concert "Note d'America" with the Italy-USA Foundation

The Italy-USA Foundation, the Grande Coro di Roma and the Coro Polifonico of Luiss University promotes in Rome, at Chamber of Deputies, Sala della Regina, Friday 12 April 2019, 17:00, the concert "Note d'America", directed by Fabrizio Adriano Neri. It's a tribute to the American music from several ages. It is a compilation of the best hits by the most famous artists coming from America, with the American soprano Amalia Dustin.

The unforgettable melodies like Somewhere Over The Rainbow from “The Wizard of Oz”, When You Believe from “The Prince of Egypt”, New York New York from the movie, Open Your Wings from “Ivanhoe”, I Knew I Loved You from “One upon a time in America”, I Could Have Danced All Night from “My Fair Lady”, the traditional America The Beautiful, and many others. The concert will be introduced by Veronica Giannone, deputy councilor of the Italy-USA Foundation, and Rita Magnani, journalist Rai. It is necessary to send an email confirming participation, before 8 April 2019.
NIAF Challenges Notre Dame to Reconsider Its Action to Conceal Historic Christopher Columbus Murals

NIAF Challenges Notre Dame to Reconsider Its Action to Conceal Historic Christopher Columbus Murals

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) today asked the University of Notre Dame to reconsider its decision to cover the historic Christopher Columbus murals on its campus.

On Sunday, University of Notre Dame President John I. Jenkins announced in a written statement that the series of Christopher Columbus murals located on the second floor of the Main Building on the university campus would be “covered by a woven material.”

Jenkins wrote, “Painted in 1882-84… [the murals] reflect the attitudes of the time and were intended as a didactic presentation, responding to cultural challenges for the school’s largely immigrant, Catholic population… In recent years, however, many have come to see the murals as at best blind to the consequences of Columbus’s voyage for the indigenous peoples who inhabited this ‘new’ world and at worst demeaning toward them.”

In a letter to Jenkins, NIAF CEO Lawrence J. Purpuro wrote, “…it is both unfair and totally unrealistic to apply today’s political norms to a historical figure from 500 years ago. If the practice of applying today’s standards to historical figures made sense, there would be a strong argument to remove memorials and monuments to individuals from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington—both of whom were supporters of the abhorrent practice of slavery.”

Purpuro added, “…while there remain serious scholarly debates about certain attitudes and actions of Columbus, he alone should not be burdened with the entire fate of Native Americans… We do not believe the University of Notre Dame should take this unilateral action—and seek to erase history—simply to appease a small number of vocal Columbus detractors.”
NIAF 2019 New York Gala Returns to Cipriani 42nd Street

NIAF 2019 New York Gala Returns to Cipriani 42nd Street

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) will host its annual New York Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. This distinguished event, held at the world-famous, historical, New York City venue, will highlight the very best in Italian food, beverage and cultural experiences – as well as celebrate some of the most notable and impactful members of the Italian American community.

NIAF is the largest and most faithful representative of over 25 million Italian Americans living in the United States. The Foundation aims to ensure that Italian Americans continue to keep alive and present the rich heritage of their values and cultural traditions, and encourages the Italian American community to preserve and remember the great contribution Italians have made to the history and progress of the United States.

This year, NIAF will honor General Counsel, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A. Retired Judge Frank M. Ciuffani; CEO – THE ONE, Lorenzo Zurino; and Senior Managing Director, LeFrak, Marylou Delfino Berk. The evening will be hosted by NIAF celebrity Ambassador and radio show host, Joe Piscopo.

The Gala Cocktail Reception will begin at 6:30 p.m. Attendees will move into the principal hall at 7:30 p.m. for Dinner and the Awards Program, featuring entertainment by NIAF Celebrity Ambassador, Joe Piscopo. Attire for the evening is Cocktail. Tickets: $500 (Gold Ticket); $1,000 (Platinum Ticket). Gala Tables and Sponsorships are available through the organization by visiting:

NIAF’s New York Gala is chaired by Gerard S. LaRocca, a member of NIAF’s Board of Directors and chief administrative officer, Americas, Barclays Capital. Proceeds from NIAF’s New York Gala will benefit the Foundation’s philanthropic and educational programs.
Decoy Damaged DNA Discovers New Gene Repair Protein

Decoy Damaged DNA Discovers New Gene Repair Protein

Researchers used a synthetic DNA structure to mimic an intermediate of homologous recombination, the most reliable cell cycle process to repair DNA correctly. This DNA structure was then used as bait to capture nuclear proteins in the hopes of identifying a new player in the cellular response to DNA damage. These proteins were isolated and subsequently identified through mass spectrometry, revealing that the Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein D (HNRNPD) was indeed able to bind chromatin DNA, a prerequisite for a protein involved in DNA repair, and to re-localize specifically onto DNA damaged sites.

The study reporting on this newly discovered role for HNRNPD, previously known for its role in messenger RNA regulation, was recently published in Nucleic Acids Research, one of the most authoritative journals in the field, from the Oxford Academic Press, by the research team lead by Antonio Giordano, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Temple University, and Professor of Pathology, University of Siena, Italy.

Because protecting the genome against DNA damage is crucial to prevent harmful mutations and cancer development, the authors utilized a ‘gene fishing’ approach using the synthetic DNA structure that was designed by Luigi Alfano, a postdoctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute of Naples, Pascale Foundation-CROM in Mercogliano, working in the Cell Cycle & Cancer Lab coordinated by Francesca Pentimalli, a longtime collaborator of Prof. Giordano and Adjunct Professor at the Sbarro Institute. The captured proteins were analyzed under mass spectrometry by Luca Bini and Claudia Landi at the University of Siena. Alfano and colleagues focused on the RNA-binding protein HNRNPD, the loss of which induces cell senescence and premature aging in mice, two features associated with a defective DNA damage response.

Upon DNA damage, cells activate homologous recombination repair to cut the DNA near the break (a process known as DNA end resection), generating a single stranded DNA tail that is able to find the complementary homologous sequence within the sister chromatid, using it as a template for faithful repair. The authors found that silencing HNRNPD expression impaired the DNA end resection process, affecting the overall DNA damage response. Similarly, depleting HNRNPD through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing, impaired the cell response to DNA damage induced by the chemotherapy drug camptothecin, making cancer cells more susceptible to this drug and also to olaparib, a drug that targets specifically the DNA repair process used against some types of breast and ovarian cancer.

"The inhibition of HNRNPD, through chemical compounds, can be used as a new strategy for cancer treatment in a combination therapy with the PARP1 inhibitor (Olaparib)," Giordano says. "Based on the concept of synthetic lethality, this potential clinical application is analogous to the situation described for the BRCA cancers."

Delving deeper into the underlying molecular mechanisms, the authors found that HNRNPD interacts with SAF-A, another RNA-binding protein previously found correlated to the DNA damage response. The authors showed that HNRNPD silencing impaired the loading of SAF-A onto chromatin upon DNA damage. Moreover, HNRNPD silencing caused an accumulation, onto damaged DNA, of DNA:RNA hybrids (also called R-loops) whose proper removal is required to preserve genome integrity. Indeed, expressing RNase H, an enzyme that digests the RNA within the hybrids, or inhibiting RNA formation through alpha-amanitin, could rescue the phenotype of HNRNPD knockout cells, reinstating an effective DNA damage response.

“Overall, our data strengthens the role of RNA-binding proteins in the DNA repair mechanism and identify HNRNPD as a new key player in DNA repair,” says lead author Alfano. “They also provide new clues on the still poorly defined function of R-loop role in DNA damage repair.”

“Targeting DNA repair pathways proved to be a powerful approach for cancer therapy, as epitomized by the clinical use of olaparib for various tumors,” say co-authors Pentimalli and Giordano. “The identification of HNRNPD as an homologous recombination protein could be useful to design new synthetic lethal approaches and also inform genome editing strategies that use endogenous cell repair pathways to modify DNA sequences."

The discovery caught the attention of Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, commenting on Facebook, “Exceptional discovery by the team of Italian researchers led by Professor Antonio Giordano. You are the symbol of the best minds of our country in the world."

Also sending congratulations via social media, Minister of Education, University and Research Marco Bussetti wrote on Twitter, "Congratulations to the team led by Professor Antonio Giordano, who I recently appointed to the Governing Committee of the newly established Southern University in Naples.”
DiLella, Giordano to Lead U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission

DiLella, Giordano to Lead U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) congratulates Daniel DiLella and Frank Giordano for their appointments as Chair and Executive Director of the United States Semiquincentennial Commission, respectively, in Spring 2018. The U.S. Semiquincentennial will celebrate the 250th anniversary of American independence and the founding of the United States of America. It will be celebrated in 2026.

In April 2018, DiLella, CEO and President of Equus, a leading private-equity real-estate fund, and former NIAF board member and current supporter, was appointed Chairperson of the Commission by the U.S. Senate, to lead the 32-member body comprised of members of Congress, private citizens and federal officials.

In May 2018, DiLella named Giordano as the Commission’s Executive Director. Giordano is NIAF’s Executive Vice President for National Membership and is also the Chief Executive Officer for The Philly POPS and the Atlantic Trailer Leasing Corporation in Philadelphia.

“On behalf of NIAF, we want to congratulate Daniel DiLella and Frank Giordano for being appointed to these extraordinary positions to serve our country in preparing for its 250th anniversary celebrations. Their leadership capabilities and expertise are impressive—the Semiquincentennial Commission is in excellent hands,” said NIAF Chair Gabriel A. Battista.

“We are so very pleased that two outstanding Italian Americans are at the helm of the Semiquincentennial Commission. Italian Americans have played important roles throughout the founding of our country with their service in the American Revolutionary War fighting for American independence. Philip Mazzei, a promoter of liberty, was a close friend and confidant of Thomas Jefferson and his words about freedom and independence were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. Daniel DiLella and Frank Giordano will bring expertise, leadership skills and love of their heritage and our country to these positions,” said NIAF Chair Patricia de Stacy Harrison.

The Commission will observe and commemorate not only the American Revolution, but also the full history of the United States leading up to the 250th anniversary. The U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission Act of 2016 directed the establishment of the Commission; the Commission’s official meetings will be held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia in the years leading up to 2026.
Gaetano Armao elected President of the Regional Intergroup for Insularity

Gaetano Armao elected President of the Regional Intergroup for Insularity

Gaetano Armao, Vice-President of the Sicilian Regional Government and Councillor for the Economy, was unanimously elected President of the Regional Intergroup for Insularity, established at the European Committee of the Regions, in Brussels.

"It 'a result for Sicily, achieved through negotiations with Brussels and to the commitment on the issues of the condition of insularity - said the new president of the group. Only through the complete affirmation of the measures of rebalancing the European islands, starting from Sicily, can be relaunched their growth prospects. In this sense it is necessary to create a framework not only for territorial continuity, but also for development taxation".

The intergroup is made up of Committee members from Corsica, Cyprus, Malta, the Balearic Islands, the Azores, Sicily and Sardinia. A body strongly supported by Vice-President Armao to relaunch the issues related to the condition of insularity in European policy, as in individual national policies.

Following the resolutions of the European Parliament in 2016 and the Committee of the Regions in 2017, Europe must open a new phase of recognition of the islands of measures, financial support, tax and increased participation in the Structural Funds that recognize the structural disadvantages resulting from their condition, in terms of mobility, road and rail infrastructure and support for companies that suffer from the competitive disadvantage of export costs and the procurement of raw materials.