Published the Mediterranean Macroregion decree on the Official Bulletin of the Campania Region

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A new step forward in Naples towards the birth of the Mediterranean Macroregion. In the official bulletin of the Campania Region of last 29 November was published the decree signed by the Ombudsman, lawyer Giuseppe Fortunato, which recognizes the "Action Groups of the Mediterranean Macroregion aimed at the macro-regional strategy.

The act published in the official bulletin of the Campania Region officially recognizes the Assembly of the Mediterranean Macroregion, which recently met in Naples under the coordination of Paolo Pantani and which saw the speeches, in addition to the Regional Ombudsman Giuseppe Fortunato, the deputy Paolo Russo, the economist Rocco Giordano, the Councillor for Citizenship Rights and Social Cohesion of the City Laura Marmorano, the constitutionalists Andrea Piraino and Carlo Amirante, and the MEP Andrea Cozzolino, who sent a video message.

"With the vote of the representatives of the social, economic and institutional world of the motion read and proposed by the coordinator of the Assembly of the Mediterranean Macroregion, Paolo Pantani, "it fills - Fortunato said on that occasion - a historical and geopolitical gap in the Mediterranean area, recorded so far, for the failure to start what was provided for in the Treaty of Lisbon in force since December 31, 2009.

"With the launch of the Action Groups - we read in the decree issued by Fortunato - and the Committee of Coordinators, the Mediterranean Macroregion, ensuring open governance, proceeds to make the European Council adopt the strategy in accordance with procedures and any contribution.

The reform of the Structural Funds, provided by the European Union before the next election phase in 2019, "no longer provides - said the lawyer Fortunato - as reference subjects the regions lagging behind in development, but just the Macroregions, which are already active 4, namely the Baltic, the Danubian, the alpine and the Adriatic-Ionian with lots of strategies ain terms of environment, energy, transport, the fight against crime and scientific and health research.

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