RE.DA. the startup that prints cardboard kitchens identical to the real ones has been presented at FIDEC, the Italian forum of constructions

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It was presented at FIDEC - Forum Italiano delle Costruzioni, RE.DA, the innovative startup that uses high-definition digital printing combined with the lightness and versatility of cardboard to cut costs, zero time and streamline the logistics associated with temporarily furnishing the home.

Simplifying home staging is the aim of RE.DA: the idea was born from the meeting between Fabiano Gollo, who has been immersed in "cardboard" for two generations thanks to the family box factory, and Elisabetta Rossi, a professional home stager and trainer for home staging. And from November 2018 comes the new website and the start of crowdfunding.

On the stage of FIDEC, Fabiano Gollo, CEO of RE.DA, together with Fabio Guglielmi, CEO of Santandrea Luxury Houses (brand of the Gabetti Group reserved for luxury properties) and Sanja Radovanovich, Director of IAHSP Eurppe - International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the European association that brings together professionals in Home Staging. It was an opportunity to spread the culture of home staging among builders and the importance of marketing in a complex sector such as real estate.

"We have already received a lot of approval among those working in the real estate sector, even if the applications could be further, for example as sets for photographers and for videos or even for temporary shops - declared Fabiano Gollo, CEO of RE.DA. - The potential is extraordinary and in fact there is a lot of interest from potential investors. - This startup is one of the natural evolutions of the family business, a way to update a traditional activity, even if still valid, like the box factory".

For information:, a website from which you can also join the development group to contribute to new products.

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