New step towards the assembly of Mediterranean Macro-region

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A new stage has been reached in the progress towards the constituent assembly and the operational start of the Mediterranean Macroregion, an innovative form of participatory democracy, scheduled for November 9 and 10 at the Institute of Philosophical Studies in Naples.

A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Italian Railway Administrative College (CAFI) in Rome for the launch of the new European driving instrument for the affirmation of the most 'shareable and desirable objectives of territorial cohesion aimed at supporting, promoting and accompanying programs and projects for the development and reduction of disparities' between territories and citizens.

The meeting was attended by Giovanni Sacca', head of the Studies Department of CAFI, Paolo Pantani, director of Civicrazia, an expression of the healthy and committed civil society, and coordinator of the promoting committee of the Central Western Mediterranean Macroregion, Gianpaolo Basile, collaborator of Europarliamentary Andrea Cozzolino, Cristina Florenzano, delegate of the Basilicata Region, Stanislao Napolano, member of the promoting committee and journalists Carmelo Cutuli and Nicola Rivieccio.

"The Macroregion - promoters have emphasized - represents the chance to seize the historical opportunity. At a time when the European Union is experiencing a moment of great democratic uncertainty, the great opportunity of Macro-regional policies has arisen. Four of them are already operating (the Baltic, the Danube, the Ionian-Adriatic and the Alpine). They were created to encourage countries to commit themselves with their own funds.
The new macro-regional participatory body is therefore at this time the most advanced instrument of the European Union with which to fill the democratic gap in a Europe now at the mercy of multinationals."

"This model represents the real paradigm shift, the possibility of governance entrusted to a process that starts from the bottom - explains Paolo Pantani, first director of the Civicrazia Association for the defence of citizens' rights, with the specific mandate for macro-regional policies and the launch of the 5th European macro-region, of the central-western Mediterranean and coordinator of the Naples Forum for the M.M.C.O, MEDITERRANEAN MACREGION CENTER WESTERN CENTER planned for 9 and 10 November 2018. The Head Office of the Central Western Mediterranean Macroregion is Naples and the operational representative office is in Palazzo Francesco Berio in Via Toledo 256.

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