New step towards the assembly of Mediterranean Macro-region

New step towards the assembly of Mediterranean Macro-region

A new stage has been reached in the progress towards the constituent assembly and the operational start of the Mediterranean Macroregion, an innovative form of participatory democracy, scheduled for November 9 and 10 at the Institute of Philosophical Studies in Naples.

A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Italian Railway Administrative College (CAFI) in Rome for the launch of the new European driving instrument for the affirmation of the most 'shareable and desirable objectives of territorial cohesion aimed at supporting, promoting and accompanying programs and projects for the development and reduction of disparities' between territories and citizens.

The meeting was attended by Giovanni Sacca', head of the Studies Department of CAFI, Paolo Pantani, director of Civicrazia, an expression of the healthy and committed civil society, and coordinator of the promoting committee of the Central Western Mediterranean Macroregion, Gianpaolo Basile, collaborator of Europarliamentary Andrea Cozzolino, Cristina Florenzano, delegate of the Basilicata Region, Stanislao Napolano, member of the promoting committee and journalists Carmelo Cutuli and Nicola Rivieccio.

"The Macroregion - promoters have emphasized - represents the chance to seize the historical opportunity. At a time when the European Union is experiencing a moment of great democratic uncertainty, the great opportunity of Macro-regional policies has arisen. Four of them are already operating (the Baltic, the Danube, the Ionian-Adriatic and the Alpine). They were created to encourage countries to commit themselves with their own funds.
The new macro-regional participatory body is therefore at this time the most advanced instrument of the European Union with which to fill the democratic gap in a Europe now at the mercy of multinationals."

"This model represents the real paradigm shift, the possibility of governance entrusted to a process that starts from the bottom - explains Paolo Pantani, first director of the Civicrazia Association for the defence of citizens' rights, with the specific mandate for macro-regional policies and the launch of the 5th European macro-region, of the central-western Mediterranean and coordinator of the Naples Forum for the M.M.C.O, MEDITERRANEAN MACREGION CENTER WESTERN CENTER planned for 9 and 10 November 2018. The Head Office of the Central Western Mediterranean Macroregion is Naples and the operational representative office is in Palazzo Francesco Berio in Via Toledo 256.
John Cabot University and ANGI sign strategic partnership to promote young Innovators

John Cabot University and ANGI sign strategic partnership to promote young Innovators

The National Association of Young Innovators - ANGI is proud to announce a new and important strategic partnership with John Cabot University, the largest American university in Italy, an example of excellence and professionalism with a profile of the highest international level of both the faculty and its students.

The National Association of Young Innovators - ANGI, is the first national non-profit organization entirely dedicated to the world of innovation, in each of its forms. With the support of the Culture Commission of the European Parliament and some of the most important Italian institutions, ANGI pursues its mission to be a reference point for innovation, developing it in all its forms.

John Cabot University is the largest American university in Italy. It stands out for its academic excellence and the international nature of its teaching staff and students, half of whom are American. The JCU combines a pragmatic approach to theoretical study and favors a close relationship with the world of work, paying great attention to career opportunities for students who choose to start a career after graduation instead of continuing their studies. Founded in 1972, it borrows its name from the Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto, better known as John Cabot. The university has three campuses in the centre of Rome, the Frank J. Guarini Campus, the Tiber Campus and the Caroline Critelli Guarini Campus.

"This important new partnership allows the Association to work alongside one of the largest international universities in Italy, with a very important institutional profile and a level of professionalism and competence that make it a reason for example and pride for Italy. Our work alongside the academic world is of primary importance, as well as relations with the Ministry of Education, in order to support young people, their training and the development of their professional growth profile and curriculum. - Gabriele Ferrieri, president of ANGI, adds: "The ability to innovate and be a source of talent for us is the goal of our program in which schools and universities are our main interlocutors. This collaboration will allow ANGI to further increase its university network but above all to give a further international dimension to its activities for the young and the new generations".

Franco Pavoncello, President of John Cabot University comments: "John Cabot, which works in the American tradition of liberal arts, places great emphasis on innovation as an expression of human creativity and talent; therefore we consider it strategically important to prepare our students to face the world with a critical spirit, originality and generosity. The collaboration with ANGI will be important to open new horizons for our students".
ExpoTraining will host the round table promoted by FondItalia and FormaSicuro on opportunities and resources for safety in the workplace

ExpoTraining will host the round table promoted by FondItalia and FormaSicuro on opportunities and resources for safety in the workplace

A round table entitled "Opportunities and resources for safety in the workplace", promoted by FondItalia in collaboration with its Technical Assistance Body FormaSicuro - Organismo Paritetico, will be held on 25 October at 10.30 a.m., in the context of ExpoTraining in FieraMilano, in Room "Orange" 2.

The programme includes institutional greetings from FondItalia President Francesco Franco and FormaSicuro President Domenico Chirico followed by the presentation of the "Dialogue in the dark" project by Franco Lisi, director of the Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan.

The round table will include speeches by Carlo Barberis, President of ExpoTraining; Francesco Paolo Capone, Secretary General of the UGL; Giovanni Luciano, President of the Inail Steering and Supervisory Council; Egidio Sangue, Director of FondItalia with the moderation of Tiziano Menduto, journalist of PuntoSicuro. The conclusions will be edited by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Claudio Durigon.

The event aims to be an appointment for comparison and deepening of opportunities, tools and resources to support safety in the workplace.

The aim is to encourage and concretely support companies in the implementation of effective interventions regarding training, risk assessment, prevention, protection and control for the health and safety of workers and employers.

FondItalia will also be exhibiting at ExpoTraining with its own booth.

Participation in the event is free of charge. However, to avoid queues at the entrance, it is preferable to be accredited to the link
Dedalo Minosse will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago

Dedalo Minosse will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago

Promoted by ALA - Assoarchitetti and Regione Veneto, the Dedalo Minosse biennial prize, is currently in its tenth edition, traveling through Italy and all over the world, reaching different locations - in the two years - exporting the best of Italian architecture and trends to various European countries, to North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

This traveling exhibition is a summary of the main exhibition held in Vicenza and travels the world, touching several stages for two years, thanks to agreements between ALA Assoarchitetti, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Institutes of Culture and Italian and foreign associations. The travelling exhibitions are an opportunity to export the prize and the image of Italy, as well as to promote the culture and quality of architecture in the world.

The Chicago event has been organized with the support of the Inarcassa Foundation and takes place in conjunction with the presence of a delegation of about 40 architects and engineers attending the "2nd International Workshop", promoted by the Foundation.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago is proud to host the Chicago’s stage of Dedalo Minosse traveling exhibition, opening on October 24th to November 2nd (Monday to Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm).

For those interested in attending, RSVP on Eventbrite or send an e-mail to

The Digital Agenda of the Sicilian Regional Government will be presented tomorrow in Palermo

The Digital Agenda of the Sicilian Regional Government will be presented tomorrow in Palermo

Tomorrow, October 2 at Villa Malfitano in Palermo, will be illustrated the Digital Agenda of Sicily.

opening the conference the president, Nello Musumeci and the vice president of the Sicilian Region Gaetano Armao.

The conference openings will be operated by the Sicilian Regional Government president, Nello Musumeci and the vice president Gaetano Armao, works will be then introduced by Maurizio Pirillo, general manager of the Regional Authority for Technological Innovation, and Riccardo Savona, president of the Sicilian Regional Parliament (ARS) Budget Committee, will chair the meeting.

Speakers: Domenico Tudini, managing director of Infratel, Stefano Paggi of Open Fiber, Mario Alvano, secretary general of Anci Sicilia and Valerio Mele, territorial coordinator of Anas Sicilia.

The first session will be concluded with Bernadette Grasso, Regional Councillor for Local Self-Government and Public Administration.

In the afternoon, the session "National and regional digital strategy" will be coordinated by Serafino Sorrenti, regional consultant on digital matters.

After the greetings of the President of the Sicilian Regional Parliament (ARS), Gianfranco Miccichè, there will be speeches by Sebastiano Callari, Regional Councillor for Information Systems of Friuli Venezia Giulia and coordinator of the Committee of the Regions, the Regional Councillor for Health, Ruggero Razza, Cosimo Comella, Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data, Daniela Maria Intravaia of the italian Agency for Digital and Giuseppe Lo Re, Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Palermo.

After a coffee break, the round table will be coordinated by journalist Giovanni Pepi, then will speak: Elio Catania, president of Confindustria digitale, Salvatore Malandrino, regional manager of Unicredit, Fabio Fregi, country manager of Google Italia, Silvia Candiani, country manager of Microsoft Italia, Renato Di Donna, project manager for public administration of Consip, Emanuele Spampinato, vice-president of Assintel, Maria Astone, president of Corecom Sicilia, Luigi Di Chiara, regional manager of Rai Way, Francesco Caizzone, president of Dih Sicilia, Andrea Falessi, foreign relations director of Open Fiber, Massimo Dell'Utri, CEO of Sicilia Digitale and Francesco Benvegna of the IT service of ARS

The vice-president Armao will conclude the proceedings.