Survey on grandparents' day: 78% of grandparents are "tenderness", 60% "memory", 58% "availability"

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On 2 October is the Grandparents' Day in Italy, an event institutionalized in 2005 and since then has become increasingly known, so much that 70% of citizens say they know it.

An analysis of online research also shows that it is a festival that is growing in the attention of Italians (SEMrush data, September 2018): since 2015, the year of its establishment as a national holiday, it has grown by about 13% to 2017.

But what are grandparents for Italians? , one of the largest Italian e-commerce companies, specialized in personalized clothing and gadgets, and also the leading portal in Italy on the occasion of Grandparents' Day, tried to give an answer for its simple, surprising, witty and cheap gift ideas.

In collaboration with AMC, they interviewed a panel of 500 customers aged 18 to 45 years (Cawi Method, July 2018, multiple answer), to better understand the values that are best associated with grandparents: 78% are mainly "tenderness", 60% are "memory", 58% are "availability". But there is also a 41% that associates them with the concept of "greater freedom". And for 29% also to "economic aid".

That's why Grandparents' Day is becoming more and more popular. And that's also why 's proposals are so successful that, just like our grandparents, they perfectly express tenderness and sympathy.

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