Honorable Nissoli writes to the President of ANCI to urge more attention of municipalities to the requests of consulates regarding the Italian registry services abroad

"Following repeated reports of negligence on the part of the registry offices of the municipalities to the requests of the Consulates I considered it necessary to write a letter to the President of ANCI (the National Association of Italian Municipalities), Antonio Decaro, requesting his intervention to put an end to the inefficiency to the detriment of Italians abroad. This was declared by Mr. Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald, deputy of Forza Italia elected in North and Central America.

"In fact - has specified the Hon. Nissoli - nearly always the discomforts arise unfortunately from the administration of the Municipalities. Our Consulates work very well considering the few resources they have available, that's why I wanted to highlight this lack to the President of the ANCI, let's see if we can get more attention ...