Fonditalia supports Fuoricinema 2018 event, from September 14 to 16 in Milan

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Fonditalia, this year again, supports the event "FuoriCinema" by Cristiana Capotondi, Cristiana Mainardi, Lionello Cerri, Gino and Michele, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Baldini. In CityLife, the heart of a renovated Milan, from September 14 to 16 in Piazza Tre Torri, artists from the world of cinema, music and entertainment meet their audiences with the moderation of journalists and presenters.

In the backstage area of FuoriCinema there will be B2B meetings between operators from the world of entertainment and FondItalia to make known the opportunities that this institution can offer for the continuous training of workers in the audiovisual sector.

"Training is a central theme in companies and can become even more so, especially for those operating in the creative and audiovisual sectors. The constant need for training and updating of the skills of artistic, theatrical and cinematographic staff can be supported with the contributions of the Inter-professional Funds and FondItalia has decided to devote particular attention to this sector, which we consider strategic for Italy. These potentialities can only be really developed through a serious and strategic training activity - declared Francesco Franco, president of FondItalia.“
“The funds are fed by the mandatory contribution for involuntary unemployment that employers pay to the INPS. By choosing to join a fund, companies have the possibility that 0.30% of the contribution paid will return in training actions aimed at qualifying and updating their employees, in line with their needs and business strategies. Unfortunately, however, not many companies in the sector are aware of this opportunity."

Created by Cristiana Capotondi, Cristiana Mainardi, Lionello Cerri, Gino and Michele, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Baldini and produced by Fuoricinema Srl, Associazione Visione Milano, Corriere della Sera and CityLife, in collaboration with Sky, RTL 102.5, Mondadori Group, sponsored by the City of Milan, Fuoricinema is a non-stop marathon of daytime meetings and night-time films screenings, which arises from the desire to collect life experiences, aspirations and reflections developed around the world of cinema to put them into circulation as a common heritage.

In the days following the event, further targeted meetings with associations in the sector will also be organised in order to illustrate the mechanisms that will enable targeted training projects to be financed.

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