One year of CETA, the advantages for Italy

One year of CETA, the advantages for Italy

The Centro Study Italia-Canada published today an article, in English, entitled "One year of ceta: the advantages for italy and the dispelled misgivings" by Paolo Quattrocchi, Director of the Centro Studi Italia-Canada, Equity Partner of Nctm Studio Legale, and vice-president of ICCCW and Francesca Paolucci, Coordinator of Research and Relations of the Centro Studi itself.

As reported in the article "The analysis of the updated data in July 2018 and collected from authoritative sources such as Statistics Canada and ICE-agency, confirmed the positive trend which was already disclosed in the last few months during the first 5 months of execution of the CETA (October 2017 - February 2018), with an increase in Italian exports of + 16.9%. In the first 7 months of the year, with reference to the same period of the previous year, there was an increase in European and Italian exports to Canada, respectively, with regard to European exports to Canada of +12.6% (for an increase of about $ 4 billion CAD), while for Italy it is + 10.4% (with an increase of about $ 365 million CAD).

The data are encouraging also for the imports of European Union and Italy from Canada, with an increase of +23.6% to Europe and +39.2% to Italy.
It should be noted that the percentage data, which is very positive for Canada, is explained by the Canadian disadvantage, in terms of absolute value, which was initially recorded compared to data on European and Italian exports.
The following data will clarify the concept, the total value of Canadian exports to Italy from January to July 2018 is $ 1,892 billion CAD and the total value of Canadian imports from Italy in the same period is $ 3,858 billion CAD. (ISTAT).

Consequently the Italian import from Canada increased, but did not change the trade balance between the two countries that remains favorable to Italy. Furthermore, Italian exports to the North American country have continued to grow: thus, the fear of the invasion of unspecified products, more or less harmful, from Canada, in a year from the entry into force of CETA did not occur.”

The desired ratification of the Agreement will therefore be able to bring benefits. But what may happen in case of a non-ratification?

Omitting for a moment the analysis of the complex scenario that would occur (with all the uncertainties on the procedures to be adopted, their existence and the wounds inside the Union), the relations between Italy and Canada, have always been excellent, could deteriorate irremediable, negatively involving also those sectors in which the relationships are consolidated and advantageous.

“Italy has given a lot to Canada, Canada did the same with Italy. - declares the Director of the Centro Studi Italia-Canada Avv. Paolo Quattrocchi - What we still cannot understand is how this friendship should be interrupted or nullified by an inexplicable behavior, which takes us away from a historical relationship that has brought growth and can bring further development in the sectors of economy and commerce, but also in social, environmental, cultural, political, and strategic in general.”

“It is in fact - concludes Mr Quattrocchi - thanks to the strategic partnership agreement, premise and completion of CETA, that these objectives of epochal relevance can be achieved for the collective well-being and for the construction of a balance point between the great of the planet, guarantee of peace and development. But nobody talks about the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA).”
Survey on grandparents' day: 78% of grandparents are "tenderness", 60% "memory", 58% "availability"

Survey on grandparents' day: 78% of grandparents are "tenderness", 60% "memory", 58% "availability"

On 2 October is the Grandparents' Day in Italy, an event institutionalized in 2005 and since then has become increasingly known, so much that 70% of citizens say they know it.

An analysis of online research also shows that it is a festival that is growing in the attention of Italians (SEMrush data, September 2018): since 2015, the year of its establishment as a national holiday, it has grown by about 13% to 2017.

But what are grandparents for Italians? , one of the largest Italian e-commerce companies, specialized in personalized clothing and gadgets, and also the leading portal in Italy on the occasion of Grandparents' Day, tried to give an answer for its simple, surprising, witty and cheap gift ideas.

In collaboration with AMC, they interviewed a panel of 500 customers aged 18 to 45 years (Cawi Method, July 2018, multiple answer), to better understand the values that are best associated with grandparents: 78% are mainly "tenderness", 60% are "memory", 58% are "availability". But there is also a 41% that associates them with the concept of "greater freedom". And for 29% also to "economic aid".

That's why Grandparents' Day is becoming more and more popular. And that's also why 's proposals are so successful that, just like our grandparents, they perfectly express tenderness and sympathy.
Fonditalia supports Fuoricinema 2018 event, from September 14 to 16 in Milan

Fonditalia supports Fuoricinema 2018 event, from September 14 to 16 in Milan

Fonditalia, this year again, supports the event "FuoriCinema" by Cristiana Capotondi, Cristiana Mainardi, Lionello Cerri, Gino and Michele, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Baldini. In CityLife, the heart of a renovated Milan, from September 14 to 16 in Piazza Tre Torri, artists from the world of cinema, music and entertainment meet their audiences with the moderation of journalists and presenters.

In the backstage area of FuoriCinema there will be B2B meetings between operators from the world of entertainment and FondItalia to make known the opportunities that this institution can offer for the continuous training of workers in the audiovisual sector.

"Training is a central theme in companies and can become even more so, especially for those operating in the creative and audiovisual sectors. The constant need for training and updating of the skills of artistic, theatrical and cinematographic staff can be supported with the contributions of the Inter-professional Funds and FondItalia has decided to devote particular attention to this sector, which we consider strategic for Italy. These potentialities can only be really developed through a serious and strategic training activity - declared Francesco Franco, president of FondItalia.“
“The funds are fed by the mandatory contribution for involuntary unemployment that employers pay to the INPS. By choosing to join a fund, companies have the possibility that 0.30% of the contribution paid will return in training actions aimed at qualifying and updating their employees, in line with their needs and business strategies. Unfortunately, however, not many companies in the sector are aware of this opportunity."

Created by Cristiana Capotondi, Cristiana Mainardi, Lionello Cerri, Gino and Michele, Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Baldini and produced by Fuoricinema Srl, Associazione Visione Milano, Corriere della Sera and CityLife, in collaboration with Sky, RTL 102.5, Mondadori Group, sponsored by the City of Milan, Fuoricinema is a non-stop marathon of daytime meetings and night-time films screenings, which arises from the desire to collect life experiences, aspirations and reflections developed around the world of cinema to put them into circulation as a common heritage.

In the days following the event, further targeted meetings with associations in the sector will also be organised in order to illustrate the mechanisms that will enable targeted training projects to be financed.
Honorable Nissoli writes to the President of ANCI to urge more attention of municipalities to the requests of consulates regarding the Italian registry services abroad

Honorable Nissoli writes to the President of ANCI to urge more attention of municipalities to the requests of consulates regarding the Italian registry services abroad

"Following repeated reports of negligence on the part of the registry offices of the municipalities to the requests of the Consulates I considered it necessary to write a letter to the President of ANCI (the National Association of Italian Municipalities), Antonio Decaro, requesting his intervention to put an end to the inefficiency to the detriment of Italians abroad. This was declared by Mr. Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald, deputy of Forza Italia elected in North and Central America.

"In fact - has specified the Hon. Nissoli - nearly always the discomforts arise unfortunately from the administration of the Municipalities. Our Consulates work very well considering the few resources they have available, that's why I wanted to highlight this lack to the President of the ANCI, let's see if we can get more attention ...