Geeks Academy, the Italian network of digital training in the fields of Cybersecurity, Big Data, Coding and Gaming

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In a world where academic titles are losing their synonym for skills, Geeks Academy offers an alternative to increasingly outdated university education thanks to its practical approach and focus on transversal skills that, in addition to area-specific skills, help create professionals who not only master the necessary technologies, but also manage stress, solve problems creatively and expose ideas effectively.

The idea for the Geeks Academy comes after a trip to the United States and years of labour market analysis. If once the Geek was the phenomenon that in the freakshow staged the most wacky number, in the current century his figure is increasingly positive. Digital Geeks, in fact, thanks to their computer skills are sought after and respected professionals, to the point that their being different has now stripped themselves of the scent of isolation that had in the past and has become synonymous with success and exclusivity.

This is well known by Antonio Venece, founder of the school of geeks, the Italian network of digital training Geeks Academy, who chose to use this term as a flag for his dream to introduce young and old workers to the professions of the new millennium and, at the same time, insert computer sleeveless, until now confined to the four walls of home or without academic qualifications, in pathways to work.

Geeks Academy has four specialization areas (Cybersecurity, Big Data, Coding and Gaming) with courses accessible to beginners. The student pool is incredibly varied in terms of age and background: there are new graduates, but also middle-aged system engineers who have decided to reinvent themselves, as well as philosophy graduates and professionals in the field of medicine.

Open lessons are scheduled for next October in Sicily where the Geeks Academy will position itself for specialist training on cybernetic security and resilience.

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