ExpoTraining: the most important Italian event on professional training and labour returns to Milan on October 24th and 25th

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The next October 24 and 25 at Fiera Milano returns ExpoTraining (www.expotraining.it), the most important Italian event on professional training and labour. A great event with more than 200 conferences, 600 speakers, workshops, events, discussions and round tables on work and vocational training in Italy. A precious "Watchtower" on the dynamics of labour and training, a laboratory where business associations, trade unions, institutions and experts work together.

"In the past months we have collaborated with Fonditalia for a preliminary panel on business and innovation (CaWi Method on a panel of 1115 entrepreneurs, journalists and experts). We found that 57.89% of survey participants believe that innovation is the only way to compete in the national and international labour market and 40.35% believe that innovation is a lever to increase productivity and turnover. Only 6.14% remain sceptical, believing that it is only a way to automate work (6.14%) and reduce staff (6.14%). Only 5.26% said that innovation can only be a cost to businesses. Unfortunately, however, in the face of this great confidence in innovation, only half of those interviewed declare that their company is constantly innovating (37.39%) or at least every year (15.65%), while the other half declare that in their company it happens every 2/3 years (for 13.04%), every 5 years (for 5.22%), rarely (for 21.74%) or even never (for 6.96%). Carlo Barberis, President of ExpoTraining, said.

"Innovation is therefore rightly perceived as a strategic leverage for competition and for business growth. However, there is still too much concern: only a third of companies invest continuously in innovation and training, and this despite the many opportunities provided by the Industry 4.0 plan". In short, in Italy there is no fear of the advent of "robots" or AI technologies, but there is not enough courage to really use them.

"This year at ExpoTraining we will try to explore and explain these phenomena, to understand what kind of innovation Italian companies are implementing, what they would like to achieve, if the 4.0 Industrial Plan has changed the perception that companies and workers have of training. We will do so in the context of the Business and Management Forum, together with business associations, trade unions, institutions and hundreds of experts and operators in the Italian professional training sector. And as every year we will work on the White Paper on Education, which has by now become an essential study tool in Italy". - concluded Barberis.

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