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No comments is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Italy and is immediately characterized by the production of nice clothing and gadgets, especially dedicated to mothers and their children - without forgetting dad, grandparents and uncles - as T-shirts, cushions, dresses, straw bands, accessories and other goods that "transmit" messages, gathering sympathy and consensus in families with babies.

Created from the intuition of Maria and Michela Lombardi, two young businesswomen from Campania, it has grown so much online that it has also become a "physical" franchise, opening almost 20 stores throughout Italy, with dozens of other incoming requests.

From now on it is possible for fans to easily become an online affiliate, making products known through their websites and their social networks, earning 15% on all orders. A great opportunity, considering how "attractive"'s products are and how frequently many customers already love to share their purchases on Facebook or Instagram.

"We decided to start this affiliation program - said Maria and Michela Lombardi - because it was the same customers who asked us, as also happened to the franchise. On the other hand, our brand is definitely a "lovemark": customers at first follow us, then buy us, but also advise us, feel involved and suggest new products or new ideas. We therefore are confident that the online affiliations will allow us to increase the number of true friends of our brand.

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