The Studio Viola will be at Summer Fancy Food Show

The Studio Viola will be at Summer Fancy Food Show

The Studio Viola (SV) will be at Summer Fancy Food Show to be held in New York from 30 June to 2 July 2018.

During one of the most important enogastronomic events in the world, SV will support the internationalization process of some Italian Companies according to the BID philosophy, strongly based on value, process and technological innovation.

"Organizing and planning a successful fair, in a market so important like the American one, requires a dynamic and conscious approach", says Pietro Viola - Business Innovation Developer and SV Founding Partner, for a correct and effective evaluation of opportunities.

Our client is the real focus of BID projects and shares its philosophy, contributing to the achievement of the objective, through operational and strategic participation".

Le Farine dei nostri sacchi at Summer Fancy Food Show 2018.  The sicilian gastronomic specialty 100% gluten free

Le Farine dei nostri sacchi at Summer Fancy Food Show 2018. The sicilian gastronomic specialty 100% gluten free

Le Farine dei nostri sacchi is going to take part to next Summer Fancy Food Show edition (Level 1 Booth 4944) held in New York Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from June 30 to July 2.

The Sicilian company led by the entrepreneur Gloria Bosco has been present for over ten years in gluten-free market, producing and marketing flour mixtures for food and fresh and frozen products. The company, authorized by Ministry of Health, presents a selection of 18 mixes of conventional and 4 Bio flour, suitable for both industrial and artisanal processes that ensure the best result and the easiest processing for each product.

Best ingredients are selected to maintain a high level of quality and safety of production in standardized cycles. Thanks to the research of new cereals, the mixtures - ranging from classic bread to the sweet - offers consumers a wide diversification of caloric and nutritional inputs, different choices and many varieties of recipes.

Among the fresh baked products there is a line of frozen gastronomic specialties inspired to Sicilian tradition. The preservation process at low temperatures preserves the goodness, the quality and the fragrance of the artisanal products and allows easy access to Italian and international market.

"The American market is our main target to position our products", says Bosco. "Besides the traditional assortments, new specific lines dedicated to hotels, airlines, cruise ships, duty-free and catering services will be added in the next years."

"The innovation of tradition for a quality recipe is the basis of our company policy to grant our customers and compete both in national and international markets".
Soon a book and a Center of Studies will be launched by Prolution Group

Soon a book and a Center of Studies will be launched by Prolution Group

Prolution "As we know, 99% of Italian companies are small businesses, but all the modern science of marketing and communication, all publications, books and courses, are designed and tailored for large companies, if not even for multinationals. Probably influenced by the approach deriving from the USA, where certain de facto disciplines were born and developed in Italy, as well as in Europe and in the USA itself, the entrepreneurial environment is in fact made up of small businesses. It is therefore necessary to completely reinvent marketing and communication, combining them with very different realities, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of culture, organisation and vision. It is from here that the Prolution Group has had the input to create a proper "new economic discipline" that we wanted to call "Prolutioning", as a branch of Marketing specialized in small businesses. This has been concretized in a book soon to be published and in a Centre for the Study of Small Enterprises, which will be active in the coming weeks". This is how Edoardo Lisi, CEO of Prolution Group (, a communication agency based in Rome that serves customers all over Italy, especially micro and small businesses. Lisi has focused on the strong involvement of human resources and the people who work there, or even better as they say 'live' the agency, reaching very high levels of productivity and satisfaction so as to refer to itself as the 'most smiling agency in Italy'. Not only constant training, not only constant involvement in the company's strategies, but a real "Prolution Way Of Life": from the Beach Soccer camp, to massages, from Yoga courses to Karaoke evenings, from English courses to Mountain Bike tours, up to the whirlpool made available to those who need a half hour of relaxation. But also social initiatives, with the project "Amailprossimo" that involves every week all employees who want to join concrete initiatives to help the homeless and the disadvantaged. "That is what our true added value is. - continues Lisi - We have grown in a few years, only in the last year by more than 80% compared to the previous year, thanks to the great enthusiasm of those who work in this "Family Company", a place where you come not only to work but also for leisure, to socialize, know, exchange ideas and enhance human growth as well as professional”. "Thanks to this approach, the Prolution Group is a powerhouse of ideas and talents that can then be made available to customers. - concluded Edoardo Lisi. - The notions of work time and non-work time are outdated. Not only does this not reduce productivity, but it also boosts it, because those who work with us come into the company with a smile, with the genuine conviction of wanting to grow. However the Prolution Group is not only about this: a constant activity of research and creativity has allowed the agency to grow especially thanks to medium, small and micro enterprises”.
ExpoTraining: the most important Italian event on professional training and labour returns to Milan on October 24th and 25th

ExpoTraining: the most important Italian event on professional training and labour returns to Milan on October 24th and 25th

The next October 24 and 25 at Fiera Milano returns ExpoTraining (, the most important Italian event on professional training and labour. A great event with more than 200 conferences, 600 speakers, workshops, events, discussions and round tables on work and vocational training in Italy. A precious "Watchtower" on the dynamics of labour and training, a laboratory where business associations, trade unions, institutions and experts work together.

"In the past months we have collaborated with Fonditalia for a preliminary panel on business and innovation (CaWi Method on a panel of 1115 entrepreneurs, journalists and experts). We found that 57.89% of survey participants believe that innovation is the only way to compete in the national and international labour market and 40.35% believe that innovation is a lever to increase productivity and turnover. Only 6.14% remain sceptical, believing that it is only a way to automate work (6.14%) and reduce staff (6.14%). Only 5.26% said that innovation can only be a cost to businesses. Unfortunately, however, in the face of this great confidence in innovation, only half of those interviewed declare that their company is constantly innovating (37.39%) or at least every year (15.65%), while the other half declare that in their company it happens every 2/3 years (for 13.04%), every 5 years (for 5.22%), rarely (for 21.74%) or even never (for 6.96%). Carlo Barberis, President of ExpoTraining, said.

"Innovation is therefore rightly perceived as a strategic leverage for competition and for business growth. However, there is still too much concern: only a third of companies invest continuously in innovation and training, and this despite the many opportunities provided by the Industry 4.0 plan". In short, in Italy there is no fear of the advent of "robots" or AI technologies, but there is not enough courage to really use them.

"This year at ExpoTraining we will try to explore and explain these phenomena, to understand what kind of innovation Italian companies are implementing, what they would like to achieve, if the 4.0 Industrial Plan has changed the perception that companies and workers have of training. We will do so in the context of the Business and Management Forum, together with business associations, trade unions, institutions and hundreds of experts and operators in the Italian professional training sector. And as every year we will work on the White Paper on Education, which has by now become an essential study tool in Italy". - concluded Barberis.
The Fake News Bible: Marco Camisani Calzolari's new book is out

The Fake News Bible: Marco Camisani Calzolari's new book is out

A guide to fake news that tackles the theme concretely, analyzing especially the techniques used by those who create and disseminate them.

How are they created? Who makes them? How do they become viral? What technologies are used?

Fake news, click-bait, conspiracy theory, pseudo-science, storytelling, shitposting, satire and entertainment are some of the main categories considered.

The book analyzes the reasons why they are created, including influencing public opinion, influencing the market and decision makers, monetizing traffic or doing character Assassination and who creates them uses techniques of psychology combined with digital in order to achieve maximum dissemination.

The last part of the book is dedicated to debunking and some proposals for potential solutions to combat the phenomenon.

To purchase the book on Amazon, click here
The evaluation of organizational models: on the shelves new book by Giuseppe Lepore

The evaluation of organizational models: on the shelves new book by Giuseppe Lepore

Available from today on all major online sales sites, the latest book by Giuseppe Lepore entitled "The evaluation of organizational models" published by lge exclusive editions for CertiW ®.

The manual provides useful hints and indications for the adoption of an organisational model with reference to the main international standards. The unique and innovative methodology devised by the author offers the possibility of approaching the market to such an activity in an evolved and complete way.

The author, the Chemical Engineer Giuseppe Lepore, since 2008 is at the head of Certi W ®, Certification and Inspection Body that, thanks to a consolidated international network, provides its services anywhere in the world.

In 2013 it promotes the birth of the "Certiluxe ® Award" a coveted prize to people, organizations and companies that have distinguished themselves for Quality, Uniqueness and Innovation.

Lead Assessor qualified for the most widespread Management Systems with over 2,500 audits carried out, he is also author and co-author of numerous publications on the subject.
LUISS School of Law organizes an Open Day on new perspectives offered by CETA to the international trade in the agri-food sector

LUISS School of Law organizes an Open Day on new perspectives offered by CETA to the international trade in the agri-food sector

Nctm Law Firm and Centro Studi Italia-Canada will take part in the open day organized by LUISS School of Law, which will be held tomorrow in the Aula Nocco della LUISS, at Via parenzo 11 in Rome, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. The "Food Law" Master's module to deepen the topic Canada-CETA and the new perspectives opening up for the specific sector at the end of the provisional entry into force of the Agreement, will be moderated by Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner Nctm Law Firm, Director “Centro Studi Italia-Canada” and Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce - Canada West. The meeting will have the following agenda:
  • Country Presentation Lionella Bertazzon, Trade Commissioner – Embassy of Canada A special focus on Québec
  • A special focus on Québec Marianna Simeone, Delegate of Québec in Italy
  • The SPA and the CETA: a new chapter in EU-Canada relations Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner - Nctm Studio Legale
  • Canadian Experience with Agriculture and Agri-Food Trade Jennifer Fellows, Agriculture Counsellor - Embassy of Canada
  • CETA and the new food safety legislation in Canada Noemi Trombetti, Managing Director - “Euroservizi Impresa (ESI)”
  • CETA, Geographical Indications and new scenarios for Intellectual Property Luca Guidobaldi, Nctm Studio Legale
  • Logistics and Customs Marco Dell’Arciprete, JAS Jet Air Service - Italia
Further Info and Registration: starts online affiliate program starts online affiliate program is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Italy and is immediately characterized by the production of nice clothing and gadgets, especially dedicated to mothers and their children - without forgetting dad, grandparents and uncles - as T-shirts, cushions, dresses, straw bands, accessories and other goods that "transmit" messages, gathering sympathy and consensus in families with babies.

Created from the intuition of Maria and Michela Lombardi, two young businesswomen from Campania, it has grown so much online that it has also become a "physical" franchise, opening almost 20 stores throughout Italy, with dozens of other incoming requests.

From now on it is possible for fans to easily become an online affiliate, making products known through their websites and their social networks, earning 15% on all orders. A great opportunity, considering how "attractive"'s products are and how frequently many customers already love to share their purchases on Facebook or Instagram.

"We decided to start this affiliation program - said Maria and Michela Lombardi - because it was the same customers who asked us, as also happened to the franchise. On the other hand, our brand is definitely a "lovemark": customers at first follow us, then buy us, but also advise us, feel involved and suggest new products or new ideas. We therefore are confident that the online affiliations will allow us to increase the number of true friends of our brand.

For information:
Business opportunities with Canada for Italian companies

Business opportunities with Canada for Italian companies

A seminar will be held in Florence, in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Strozzi, on June 12 from 9 am to 1 pm, on the theme "Canada-EU Economic Agreement: Business Opportunities for Italian Enterprises", organized by the Italy-Canada Study Centre and the CNA Firenze Metropolitana.

The seminar aims to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss the main measures introduced by the Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union (CETA), the benefits of corporate partnerships, the methods of investment and access to credit, and the discovery of the opportunities offered by the Canadian province of Quebec to Italian companies interested in internationalization.

The following will participate as speakers: Giacomo Cioni, President, CNA Firenze; Arturo Galansino, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi; Paolo Quattrocchi, Nctm Studio Legale - Director, Centro Studi Italia-Canada; Jan Scazighino, Minister of Economic Relations, Canadian Embassy; Luca De Carli, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG TRADE; Marianna Simeone, Québec Delegate in Italy; Lucia Baldino, European Director, Desjardins; Fabrizio Toti, Area Manager, JAS; Noemi Trombetti, Inspection Trading Auditing - ITA Corporation.

The moderation of the round table will be handled by Paolo Quattrocchi, Nctm Studio Legale partner and Director of the Italy-Canada Study Centre.

To participate in the event you must register through the following link:
Venice 2018: At the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino will be on display the home furnishing created by the Italian designer Carcerano and Chinese artists Xu De Qui and Zhang Hongmei

Venice 2018: At the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino will be on display the home furnishing created by the Italian designer Carcerano and Chinese artists Xu De Qui and Zhang Hongmei

"Once again San Marino contributes to the Venice Architecture International Exhibition not only with a simple presence, but with an always stimulating and new interpretation key. The constant interaction between artists, architects, designers, both Chinese and Italians and San Marino produces side by side intersections and cultural references. said Vincenzo Sanfo, Curator of the San Marino Pavilion.

What happens if you combine Italian taste and design, the provocation of "pop art" and the artistic research of two of the most interesting Chinese artists of the contemporary scene? The result is truly unique pieces of home furnishings: colorful, pop, sometimes brave, but always firmly anchored in different traditions but present, solid, evident.

The work of Xu De Qui and Zhang Hongmei is that of brave artists, who wanted to decline the provocation of Pop Art with Chinese culture, combining Andy Wharol and Marilyn with icons, traits, the oldest Chinese symbols, irreverent colors with the heads of the Ming Warriors. The result is incredibly harmonious, pleasant and tasteful, for a furnishing that, if it has much to say at the Biennale of Architecture, can be eloquent even in any home or location.

The furniture becomes the architecture to accommodate the works of two great Chinese artists, through the possibility of interacting with the three-dimensional space can assign to their work a kinetic value that releases their creativity on different compositional levels.

"A way to represent creativity not in two dimensions, but in a three-dimensional way so that we can speak of direct and integral communication between color, light, form and space to merge into a dream scene and involve the public in the representation of the work of art that becomes tangible when the furniture takes over its function. said Italian designer Piero Luigi Carcerano.”

The Official Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino at the Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.. Admission is free.
Silvia Bolzoni (Zeta Service) declares "We need to build a new business model based on happiness"

Silvia Bolzoni (Zeta Service) declares "We need to build a new business model based on happiness"

During the Gala Ceremony at Gessi Milano, the "Positive Business Award" was officially presented to Zeta Service (, in the Positive Business Company category.

Zeta Service provides payroll services, personnel administration, labor consulting and HR consulting. 15 years of experience, just completed and celebrated with a big event at Villa Necchi in Milan, over 200 employees, 400 customers, 7 offices in Italy, ZetaService is one of the leading companies in the industry. But above all, it is a company that strongly believes in having ‘smiling’ customers and employees.

The prize created by the Scuola di Palo Alto to celebrate the positive culture of organizations that in the exercise of their business have proven to translate into facts, projects and behavior the values and principles of “Happiness Science”.

Founded by Silvia Bolzoni, who is currently its President, Zeta Service is an innovative company, built on strong values, which put people, both employees and customers at the centre. In recent years she has promoted numerous social projects on equal opportunities and well-being in the workplace. With the “Libellula” Project, for example, she became the leader of a network of companies united in the fight against violence against women and gender discrimination.

"We have always believed in a business model that is truly smiling, based on building positive relationships between employees, management and our customers. Zeta Service not only wants to be a workplace, but a project, a community of people, of values lived daily. For us, social responsibility is not just a slogan, but an integral part of our identity. For this reason I am particularly proud to receive the prestigious prize of the Palo Alto School, because it recognizes us as a company that has put happiness, at the center of its daily activities. And it is thanks to this that we have just reached 15 years of continuous growth. said Silvia Bolzoni.

The Positive Business Award joins today the numerous awards received by Zeta Service: "Courageous Captains" of Confindustria in 2016; "Good Practices of Social Responsibility" Awarded by the Milan Chamber of Commerce from 2013 to 2017; "BEST WORKPLACE FOR WOMEN" (2017-2018).

Other awards include the fact that Zeta Service was present for two years in the special classification drawn up by the Great Place To Work Institute® Italy which lists the 20 excellent workplaces for women and that the Municipality of Milan awarded Zeta Service the Ambrogino d'Oro for the policies of work-life balance and resource management and for being the first company to recognise the marriage leave to an employee who signed the register of civil unions with his partner.
Committee for the Economic Development of Southern Italy (SEcoM) is established in Rome

Committee for the Economic Development of Southern Italy (SEcoM) is established in Rome

Inspired by the need to foster the promotion of excellence in southern Italy, the SEcoM Committee ( intends to bring together a qualified representation, in the scientific and cultural field, in order to work an effective stimulus to the central and European authorities on issues of economic development of the area commonly identified as 'South of Italy'.

"The Committee - says Chairman and founder Dr. Paolo Rivelli - aims to contribute to a comprehensive analysis, with a 'glocal' vision of resources, aimed at giving back to the local realities of southern Italy a central role at a global level, through the promotion of all initiatives to raise awareness, spread and safeguard the excellence of southern Italy that can contribute in a concrete and sensitive to the development of the regions of the southern-central side of the country. The Mezzogiorno must catch up with its development, it must look far ahead if it wants to be a candidate for the pivot of the Mediterranean basin, however, in doing so it cannot give up its rich past in terms of culture and heritage, indeed from this experience it draws the driving force".

The territorial observation actions promoted by the Committee will be aimed at a strategic repositioning of the South, in Italian and European policies, through the interception of areas of development that represent a driving force for the economy and development of the South through a fair, economic and environmentally friendly growth.

"A tradition that stimulates innovation therefore - concludes Dr. Rivelli - It is no coincidence that we have chosen an image that most represents us. In fact our logo is represented by 'Helios as personification of the South', a painting of 1765 by Anton Raphael Mengs, exponent of neoclassicism. A clear reference to Greek mythology, but with Helios in the act of striking a fiery arrow to a distant target.

The Committee, chaired by Paolo Rivelli, is also composed of Valentina Dell'Aira, delegate for external relations and institutional communication, and Ugo Cavaterra, delegate for the "Culture and Traditions" sector.